The biggest change happens when everyone makes an impact

Supporting climate research in the arctic or building a machine learning algorithm to protect seniors can seem difficult — impossible, even. But when you join us, you’ll see that the challenge to reshape lives and industries in meaningful ways is exactly what great careers are made of. After all, if your projects aren’t making the world better, why do them at all?  

We don’t just want to make a difference. We have a solid plan and we are on this journey together with our clients, partners and employees.

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Four examples of individual impact at Zühlke

When you work on a project at Zühlke, you join a team of razor-sharp (and bafflingly humble) cross-functional talent. We're going to look at some stories that explore what it's like to be part of the teams making an impact around the world.

Success is a team effort. But the outcomes we deliver are multiplied by the individual impact that each member contributes. The following stories dig into how you could make a difference in our shared success.


How Ingo Brunkhorst brought smartphone map navigation to the North Pole

After initial investigations, Ingo led the development of a new app with improved functionality and accessibility, allowing scientists on the move to navigate mobile terrain and record time-sensitive activities. Ingo’s team put a unique algorithm to work and hardened it for an adverse environment. The app now enables researchers to navigate and to locate measuring equipment on moving ice floes.

two team members of Polarstern
' When this project was brought to us, our job was to fix an app that wasn’t working correctly. The deeper we dug, the more problems we found. We had seven weeks to make it work. When you’re on a mission in the harsh environment of the North Pole, app testing is a low priority. The ice is melting. Everything is moving. There’s no time to do normal testing or handle the whole task in an “agile way". It was an opportunity of a lifetime.
Ingo Brunkhorst
Lead Software Engineer
two elderly people looking at a laptop while cooking and eating

How Sonja Gassner built a machine learning algorithm that protects the elderly

As a data scientist, Sonja models reality with statistics and mathematics. Together with an interdisciplinary team of data engineers, software developers and UX designers she managed the entire innovation process from vision to implementation and created a customised solution that helps users feel safe.

' This was one of the coolest projects I’ve worked on so far. Siima Solution GmbH wanted to create an additional safety net for senior citizens living independently. It was a challenge to automate the recognition of normal and abnormal energy usage patterns with the help of machine learning. There was no default solution for something like this – and that’s exactly what I liked. We were forced to think outside the box to create something that would serve people’s daily lives. Every part of this process was a learning experience.

Sonja Gassner
Expert Data Scientist
Cars on highways

How Felix Arand eased traffic flow in Europe’s largest cities

Felix and his team created a smart beacon with automated, ultra-high precision real time GPS tracking. Automated roadwork checks and congestion forecast can help reduce traffic-related emissions, improve air quality, and optimise energy use — all of which can have a positive impact on the environment.

' This project encapsulates what I enjoy most about working at Zühlke: Creating something together that has value for society. In this project, for example, I led the mechanical design– to integrate new smart electronic components into existing beacons of leading manufacturers. But throughout the process, I wasn’t working alone. I worked with an electronic hardware expert and the design team. Bringing different views together helps us get ahead of barriers that a single member of a team might not be able to anticipate on their own.
Felix Arand
Advanced System Engineer
EB ZDE Claire NHS App

How Claire Rogge remotely orchestrated 1,000 stakeholders to combat a pandemic

Despite challenging conditions, Claire and the wider team at Zühlke developed a solution, tested it with users, and launched it nationally – with a British Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency classification. The app has been downloaded by over 22 million people and has helped prevent more than a million infections.

' This was a project of a lifetime. We were tasked with building a medical device that was adaptable to policy changes, and that involved cross-border cooperation with experts from a variety of disciplines. We also had to do it safely, securely, and within only 12 weeks under challenging conditions.
Claire Rogge
Principal Business Consultant
Our team is full of people like Claire, Sonja, Ingo and Felix.