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Smart FMEA – Risk Assessment In Practice


Early detection and management of risks. An interactive approach, not the usual boring FMEA sessions. Simple and efficient tools for direct use in everyday practice.

Subjects that will be discussed:

  • Team-based risk management method
  • Risk assessment for a product example
  • Practical tools for risk assessment

Course Duration

1 day

Course Overview

Problems and hazards are often identified far too late in the product development process. Risks have already materialised, leading to delays in development and significant additional costs or problems are identified with products which are already on the market – problems which could and should have been avoided. In short, your existing risk management process is not doing its job.

Excessive formalism in the risk analysis process and exhaustive methodologies mean that it is not a topic dear to anyone's heart. As a result, risk assessments are often unsound and carried out too late. They become a mere box-ticking exercise, with staff intent on fulfilling process specifications rather than understanding and minimising risks. Additionally, personal and ‘soft’ factors can impede proper team work during the risk assessment process.

In this course, participants will be taught a team-based risk management method which solves all of the above problems. Following an introduction to the theory, course participants will work together to perform a risk assessment for an example product. The assessment will apply the basic principles of FMEA (failure mode and effect analysis). The main focus of the course, however, is on familiarising participants with the method and with practical tools.
The advantage – the method is software-independent and can be applied directly in a wide range of cases.


Course participants will learn a practical risk control method based on FMEA principles. You will be familiarised with the individual steps in the risk assessment process and able to use a range of tools to facilitate the work carried out during the workshop.

Target group

The course is aimed at developers and team leaders working in development and production. A basic knowledge of FMEA is helpful, but not essential.

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