Innovation Consulting Singapore

Our innovation consulting turns promising ideas into concrete opportunities, and then the amazing products, services and business models that customers find compelling. We also examine the need to change or reorganise processes or parts of the company – to ensure you realise every innovation’s full potential.


Create long-lasting impact to win in the digital age

We help you on

Digital Strategy

Bridging the gap between corporate strategy, market, organization and technology

  • Successfully seizing the opportunities of digitalisation
  • Linking market requirements with technical capabilities and setting priorities to strengthen competitiveness in the long term
  • Clarity regarding initiatives and investments thanks to a coordinated roadmap
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Digital Maturity Assessment

Effective measures to implement your digitalisation roadmap.

  • Based on your digital ambition, we use our pragmatic approach to quickly create an overview of the bottlenecks in your organisation and identify the relevant levers
  • Structured and collaborative approach to assessing digital maturity
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Rent a Startup

Rent a Startup validates the real potential of an idea – quickly and close to the market.

  • High efficiency through short decision cycles and focus on the essentials
  • Close collaboration with persons responsible for project success with validation of existing ideas and hypotheses
  • Reduced project risk by quickly gathering market feedback
  • High speed by avoiding organisational hurdles
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Intelligent Operations

Digitalise business processes and achieve quantum leaps in operational performance.

  • Transcend cost efficiency by enabling competitive advantage and new revenue
  • Address the cost-side of the business equation while simultaneously aligning your company consistently to your customers’ needs 
  • Automate your business processes with an outside-in perspective for more quality and efficiency in processes and decisions
  • Unleash the potential of the latest technologies
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Data-Driven Companies

Running pipelines of data & AI projects.

  • Data maturity assessement
  • AI & data Strategy
  • Implementation Roadmap
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Fit for Innovation

Establish systems and capabilities for targeted, structured and successful innovation.

  • Don’t leave innovation to chance – we promote innovation activities in a targeted, structured and efficient way
  • Provide your innovation activities with the appropriate framework to minimize the risks and optimize the chances of success
  • Empower your company with a suitable innovation management
  • You can either start with an initial innovation project or get your innovation system ready to go first
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Who we work with

Building and scaling digital banks

"Zühlke is a very special kind of innovation partner — in that we really look to them for high quality, high calibre expertise in bringing sustainable innovation to market success. We work together to design, build and launch next-generation solutions like digital banks with Mox in Hong Kong and the new Trust Bank in Singapore."

Thorsten Neumann
SC Ventures | Standard Chartered

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Building Asia's next-generation virtual bank

Zühlke supports the end-to-end delivery of an all-new, innovative virtual bank venture in Asia, from technical architecture design to agile development, and supporting the bank post-release in 24/7 operations for a successful launch in Hong Kong.

Meet our team


Noemi Rom

Head of Digital Consulting


Noemi’s passion for human-centered design and innovation began in 2009 with IDEO in Silicon Valley. Since then, she has worked with clients in the banking, health, and other diverse industries in Europe to build up innovation capabilities and led digital transformation projects and innovation initiatives to drive new ideas. Leveraging her decade of experience in the innovation and digital space, Noemi now leads digital consulting at Zuhlke Asia. Noemi believes that successful innovation is a union of human experience, business, and technology, all within a sustainable ecosystem.

abhishek majumdar zuhlke profile

Abhishek Majumdar

Lead Consultant


Abhishek's interest in the blockchain industry was sparked during his time as a director of a token-centered platform. With more than 14 years of consulting and management experience across Global clients/markets, Abhishek has a successful track record of managing effective cross-functional teams, executing go-to-market strategies and aligning operating platforms to support business. Working as a Lead Consultant in the Digital Consulting Team at Zühlke Asia, Abhishek harnesses his knowledge about leading change management initiatives to support business leaders with digital transformation imperatives.

maria stejlborg zuhlke profile

Maria Stejlborg

Principal Business Consultant


With more than 14 years of hands-on experience working for C-suite members, Maria is an experienced and trustworthy sparring partner, innovation accelerator and strategy consultant to key decision-makers from medium-sized and large companies, multidisciplinary consultancies, start-ups, various government agencies and up to the Ministerial level. As a principal business consultant in the Digital Consulting Team at Zuhlke Asia Maria utilizes her proficient background in Economic Geography and Business Innovation, acting as a market opportunity and technology mediator where she helps business leaders with strategy development and development of new business use cases powered by modern technology. 

Tihomir Gugov

Tihomir Gugov

Principal Business Consultant


An experienced Business Strategist, Business Developer and Technology leader focusing on Digital and Digital Transformation. Outstanding track record as a powerful value creator at companies with an ambition to lead in their markets by constantly reinventing their core and capitalising on opportunities to disrupt and occupy their traditional markets as well as conquering adjacent ones and white spaces. 15+ years of experience advising the senior management of Fortune 500s and leading internet economy startups in North America, EMEA and APAC.

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