Think you’re more than a skillset? We think so too.

The senior development roles available at Zühlke Switzerland - Senior Frontend Architect, Fullstack Software Engineer, DevOps Architect, Senior Software Engineer (and beyond) are about more than just technical excellence. 

They’re about unearthing your unique perspective on complex technical challenges.

Heard the phrase “they pay, we deliver”? That’s not what we expect of you at Zühlke.

As a senior software expert, you’ve got years of experience solving technical challenges. Over our 50+ year history, we’ve established ourselves as a strategic technical advisor to some of the most innovative businesses out there.

Together, that means we’re perfectly placed to move beyond delivery.

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Great software solutions start with great questions

Working with us, you’ll help businesses cut through the noise of digital transformation. Starting with questions like: “What’s the problem you’re actually trying to solve?” and “Who is this really for?”. 

You’ll bring your unique ideas to the table, together we’ll turn insight into novel software solutions. 

To empower you to do this, we give you:

  • Autonomy and responsibility – so you can own projects and make your voice heard.
  • A network of support – because autonomy doesn’t mean working in silos.
  • The choice between people lead and individual contributor tracks. 
  • A culture that encourages innovation, iteration, and learning by doing.

Watch the video and allow us to provide proof of the above:

Experiences shared by our software experts

Diverse software projects make top software experts

You’ll have a chance to work with the latest technologies like edge computing, AI, ML, and Cloud etc. But that’s just the beginning.

At Zühlke, our software projects span our wide range of key industries. Which means you’ll constantly be applying your technical skills in new ways and new fields, and collaborating with new internal teams and external stakeholders.

That's why our experts are able to offer the kind of interdisciplinary insight that unlocks new value for our clients. 

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