Promoting collaboration for Scrum Masters and Agile Leaders


How can I positively influence collaboration with communication? Which concrete techniques and tools can I use to achieve this?

Subjects that will be discussed:

  • learn techniques and instruments to promote cooperation
  • what are prerequisites for a healthy feedback culture
  • promoting group dynamics through suitable discussion techniques
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Course Overview

During the transition to self-organization, conflicts grow exponentially. Individuals and teams are overstrained with the demands on communication and soft skills. They find it difficult to discuss, decide and take responsibility efficiently.

Scrum Masters and agile leaders take on the task of supporting team members in their cooperation. Often challenges like conflict resolution, decision making and taking responsibility are shifted onto them. And they also often lack the necessary communication tools to help their teams move forward.

This course will show you how communication works and where we can have a decisive influence on cooperation with others through appropriate strategies. You will get to know communication tools and practice their application.

Focal points

  • How can we use conflicts positively and what techniques can we use to influence them in conversations and discussions? 
  • What are the prerequisites for a healthy feedback culture and which communicative techniques can I pass on to my teams? 
  • How can I promote group dynamics through suitable discussion techniques (e.g. dealing with rather introverted people, moderating discussions)? 
  • How can we overcome distance online and create the necessary proximity for good cooperation?

Participants also have the opportunity to bring in their own examples from their everyday life and work on solution strategies for difficult communication situations.


The participants know important techniques and instruments to positively influence communication in groups and to promote cooperation. They know how to reflect their attitude in communication and are able to apply this knowledge in everyday life and to guide others.


The course is primarily aimed at Scrum Masters and people in similar roles, i.e. people who support employees and teams in agile contexts in their collaboration.


Basic knowledge of agile principles and values is recommended.

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28.09.2020 - 29.09.2020 Zurich

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