Patient-driven Health Ecosystem

The current situation puts a bright light on the digitalization deficiencies of our health system. As the fight against COVID-19 continues, health organizations must find new ways of working.

Unprecedented speed in putting digital capabilities and an agile mindset in place is now required to adapt efficiently and deliver valuable solutions – not only for the actual crisis. Zühlke takes a leading role in contributing to these solutions, being it by developing a COVID-19 tracing app or generally speaking by encouraging and enabling the usage of the latest digital technologies in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Intelligent Health Summit

Intelligent Health is the only large-scale, global summit series focused purely on AI in healthcare. The CPD accredited summits brings the global AI and health community together to advance discussions on how to apply AI and drive technological collaboration in healthcare. 

The 54,000 global community is invited to join industry-leading speakers for an in-depth look at AI within the health market, how it can be used to prevent and solve some of the world’s greatest healthcare problems, improve the health of the human race and set the AI agenda in healthcare for 2020 and beyond.

In times of COVID-19 pandemic this year’s Intelligent Health will be held fully digitally. In a new, exciting and innovative way, that will focus on content and active participation in a democratized way, from the Global North, South, East and West – healthcare without borders. Networking including 1:2:1 chat roulette, live video meetings, CPD accredited content (live and available on demand post show). 

Our speakers will give an insight into the following topic on September 09. at 1.40 pm to 2 pm and are looking forward to an interactive exchange with you. 

  • Privacy preserving federated learning for AI in healthcare with an application to semantic segmentation of computed tomography (CT) scans of vertebrae.

AI applications in healthcare have achieved significant successes in recent years and have gained traction in clinical adoption. A key challenge in the development and adoption of AI solutions in healthcare is the preservation of privacy of highly sensitive patient data. How can the benefits of larger datasets, such as better generalization, be achieved while at the same time preserving the privacy of patient data?

We present differentially private federated learning which enables clinics to jointly train machine learning models while preserving the privacy of their data. We highlight the motivation and benefits of a federated learning platform, its architecture, as well as organizational and legal aspects of federated machine learning in a regulated field. We further present experimental results for semantic segmentation of computed tomography (CT) scans of vertebrae in a differentially private federated learning setting.

The presentation will be held by

  • Dr. Gabriel Krummenacher, Team Lead Data Science Zühlke Group
  • Tomas Dikk, Lead Data Science Zühlke Group
  • Roland Herzog, Head Technology Transfer, AO Foundation

In addition to our talk we are hosting further sessions on each day. Come and meet us at the Intelligent Health.

House of Pharma & Healthcare Digital Week (september 1st to 4th)

In just a few years, the House of Pharma & Healthcare's annual conference has developed into one of the leading pharmaceutical conferences in Germany. It offers experts and decision-makers from all areas of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry a unique opportunity for networking and information exchange. This is because its programme involves all stakeholders in the healthcare system – politicians and patients, doctors and pharmacists, health insurance companies and regulatory authorities, but also companies, universities and research institutes.

To facilitate intensive exchanges of information even during the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's conference will take place in the form of an innovative, virtual theme week with lectures, talks, panel discussions and workshops with the aim of finding solutions to current problems in drug research, patient care and health policy.

What about Germany as a research location? Are our drug supplies still secure? And when will the digital transformation in healthcare reach the patient? These are just some of the important questions we would like to discuss with you during the House of Pharma & Healthcare Digital Week from 1 to 4 September.

Our colleague Dr. Stefan Weiß will provide an insight into the following topic on 2 September at 2 pm and is looking forward to an interactive exchange with you:

  • AI-supported patient care – Current innovations and future trends

AI is already playing an important role in the Patient Journey – from early detection thanks to medical chatbots, through digital decision-aids for diagnosis, to therapeutic video games that are only available on prescription. In the talk we will present successful, marketable examples as well as current trends, and we will discuss their impact on existing business models and the health ecosystem.

The workshop will be moderated by Andreas Horchler, Head of Content & Concepts, from the company Convent Gesellschaft für Kongresse und Veranstaltungsmanagement mbH

We look forward to hearing from you.


1. Accelerate clinical trials

Only 5% of all patients participate in clinical studies – and 30% of those participants drop out before all data is collected by the research group. This situation can be improved with the help of digital technologies.

With its UX and CX team, Zühlke can help you develop digital solutions that make participating in clinical trials easier while also ensuring a reliable trial setup and minimizing dropouts through providing an easy to use and inspiring frontend. With our experience in the handling and processing of data, we will support you in choosing an architecture for your clinical trial setups that is both easy to maintain and effortless. Embrace the “if you fail, fail fast” mentality and put your product to the test at the earliest possible stage – with the help of Zühlke experts.


2. Connect with patients

The share of clinical data with the pharmaceutical industry is hampered by a lack of trust along the society. Putting the patient into the center of all activities by giving them the control over their own data and offering improved patient outcomes with digital applications can help to build valuable relationships.

For decades, we have been offering valuable services and devices that provide added value for consumers and patients – and we will continue to do so, thereby helping you to get closer to the patient. With the help of our UX/CX team, medical devices/apps can become a communicative link between the pharma industry and the consumers. They will give you a chance to gain the patient’s trust.


3. Better understand diseases

The entrance of big tech companies changes the healthcare landscape as they take a user-centric and data-driven approach on healthcare. What is needed, however, is a smart combination of biological know-how and digital solutions.

We have highly trained and experienced specialists who know how to speak the languages of both worlds. They understand the biology and the needs of concepts such as GxP as well as cloud-based, scalable and safe architectures for data handling – and their expertise enables you to reach out and connect you to the world of the Big Tech companies. Together with our digital consultants, the cloud and platform experts and our UX/CX team, we will help you to raise your digital products and services to the next level, thus ensuring a fast time to market.


4. Efficiently treat diseases

Not only drugs can treat diseases, also software and medical apps can be used as part of therapies to improve health outcomes.

With our proven expertise in the development of SaMD for therapeutics and our excellent User Experience Team, we can design, develop and run your digital therapeutics idea. We understand the regulatory requirements with regard to developing products such as IEC 62366 and our cross-industry experience guarantees that your solution will be state-of-the art and loved by your users.


5. Measure outcome

Legislation, regulations and payers increasingly demand proof of the effectiveness and efficiency of pharmaceuticals and medical products. The solution to that could be digital biomarkers that can measure the health outcome in real time.

We have the technical competence to develop smart connected sensors in order to gather digital biomarkers – and we can also help you to directly engage with patients, using modern frontends and an outstanding user experience. This leads to a more efficient collecting of patient reported outcomes (PRO). Building and running production scale digital data platforms and using machine learning to generate valuable information from the collected data, we are the right partner for all pharmaceutical companies that want to get more insights into health outcomes – directly from the patients.


At Zühlke, we are happy to help you develop medical grade data algorithms, connect you with patients and gain their trust, realize medical grade devices, build digital health platforms and accelerate the time to market of your products.


Innovation is our DNA. We support you in evaluating and realizing digital technologies within your organisation and product portfolio: we develop medical software, algorithms and devices customized for your specific needs. Customer satisfaction is our main goal, it is what drives us – and that is why we can look back onto more than 10.000 successful innovation projects during the last 50 years.

Strong partnerships with leading cloud providers such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google as well as a network of highly innovative partner companies guarantee that you get the technology that suits your demands.

  • Top 5 pharma companies in Europe work with us
  • Over 50 years of experience
  • 1200 employees
  • 176 nations
  • 14 locations worldwide
  • 10000 successful projects
  • ISO 13485 compliant medical device development up to class III
Jan Horvat Zühlke

Jan Horvat

Senior Business Development Manager and Industry Lead - Digital Healthcare and Life Sciences
Contact person for Germany

Jan Horvat has a long track record in several strategic and operational management positions leading international product and software development alliances in the pharmaceutical and in various tech-industries. Together with his team, he is passionate about guiding healthcare clients to establish health-tech and digital business innovations along their patient´s and enterprise value chains. 

Daniel Diezi

Daniel  Diezi 

Director Business Development & Head Health Industries  
Contact person for Switzerland

When Daniel Diezi joined Zühlke in 2016, he already had acquired more than 12 years of global healthcare experience and led digital transformation projects internationally. As advisory board member of a digital health think-tank, the Swiss MedTech Association and as chairman of the MedTech & Pharma platform, he takes a leading role in shaping the future of health.

Nikolaus Kawka

Nikolaus Kawka

CEO Austria and Partner
Contact person for Austria

Nikolaus Kawka has been CEO of Zühlke Engineering in Austria since 2011. His entire career has been concerned with successfully integrating new technologies into the business environment. He has also been a partner in the Zühlke Group since 2018.