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Transformation to a data-empowered organisation

Data empowered organization
  • Transparency of the status quo of data empowerment and a common picture of the future state.
  • A structured roadmap paves the way to a data-empowered organisation.
  • A scalable approach serves as a blueprint for other business units.


Zühlke supports an organisational unit at Evonik Industries AG, a Producer of Specialty Chemicals, on its journey to becoming a data-empowered organisation.

' With Zühlke´s support, we now have the key dimensions of employees, data management and technology in place. This will allow us to take systematic, concrete steps towards becoming a data-driven organisation. '
Dr. Yves-Gorat Stommel
Head of Cognitive Solutions, Evonik Digital GmbH / Deputy Head of Function Evonik Digital

Vision: data-empowered organisation

Evonik generates large data volumes along the entire value chain that are relevant to the decision making of employees. However, the data is often only made accessible and information is often only exchanged on a need-to-know basis. Data integration for comprehensive analyses is only possible to a limited extent. For this reason, the organisational unit has the following vision: to improve cooperation, processes and transactions as a data-empowered organisation with a central focus on people. Zuhlke supports Evonik to define and implement a scalable pilot program.

' Technology is just the enabler – people are our main focus area. '
Cindy Marie Schumacher
AI InMotion Project Manager, Evonik Digital Gmb

Roadmap with twelve structured work packages

Zühlke assessed the current data maturity level and defined the target state of the organisation in key dimensions. According to this the project team developed an actionable roadmap with twelve work packages. Zühlke accompanied the entire process – from framework adaptation and maturity analysis to roadmap development.

Roadmap as a blueprint for all business units

Within four months, the core team created transparency of the status quo and established a common picture of the future state. A two-years roadmap with concrete work packages paves the way to a data-empowered organisation and serves as a blueprint for other business units. Zühlke will continue to support Evonik to reach the envisioned state.

Data-driven companies constantly and systematically generate value by utilising data and artificial intelligence. But there are a number of obstacles to overcome on the road to becoming a data-driven company. We asked 110 companies: What obstacles do we have to face and how can we successfully overcome them?

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Stefan Weiß
Contact person for Germany

Stefan Weiß

Lead Business Consultant

Dr. Stefan Weiss is Lead Business Innovation Consultant at the Zühlke Group and has a broad background in Neuroscience combined with a profound expertise in economics and innovation management. Before joining Zühlke, Stefan shaped the future of Healthcare and Life Sciences at the Innovation Center of Merck KGaA. He is passionate about the digitalization of the Pharma- and MedTech Industry with innovative solutions and business models by applying his scientific and economic expertise. At Zühlke, he extends technical excellence with domain-specific insights and thereby strengthens the partnerships with Pharma- and MedTech customers