SHKB: Advisory tool improves customer experience

  • Better customer experience due to digitally assisted advice

  • Content and products can be configured by SHKB itself at any time

  • Customer advisors receive targeted support with preparing and holding customer consultations

SHKB wants to offer its customers a high-quality, professional and comprehensive consultation experience in order to strengthen its position as an advisory bank.

Inconsistent consultation experience

The quality of advice and the customer experience are largely dependent on the advisor. In addition, preparing and following up on meetings is very time consuming. SHKB wants to standardise and simplify the customer consultation process with digitally assisted advice. This will enable it to address its customers in a more impressive and personalised way, and ensure that customer advisors have more support during consultations.

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Iterative product development

Based on SHKB’s vision, a team of UX experts, interaction designers, business analysts, architects, and developers collaborate with the SHKB product owner in an agile process to design and create a minimum viable product for the new solution in just a short space of time. The project team works closely with the customer advisors and other internal departments, and continuously incorporates their feedback into the design.

Isler Andreas, SHKB
' Thanks to this well elaborated and very well implemented advisory tool, we have taken another step in positioning ourselves as an advisory bank where people are at the centre. '
Andreas Isler
Head of Private Clients & Member of the Executive Board, SHKB

Stronger market position as an advisory bank

The consultation solution gives customer advisors a new, modern tool for preparing and holding consultations in a more efficient and purposeful way. The customer experience is also improved by addressing the customer’s individual needs and offering a consistently high standard of advice. This improves customer loyalty and also makes it easier to identify and exploit cross-selling opportunities. This holistic approach to providing advice strengthens and enhances SHKB’s market position as an outstanding advisory bank.