Product innovation at Suva: digitalisation with added value

a worker with a waistcoat and a helmet under the right arm

Suva wants to digitalise its safety passport for temporary staff. In collaboration with Zühlke, a real product innovation with extra added value is created.

Digitalising the safety passport

Suva offers more than just insurance. The largest accident insurer in Switzerland starts its work before an accident even happens, setting itself the goal of reducing occupational and non-occupational accidents and work-related sickness with targeted preventative measures. One of Suva’s focus when it comes to prevention is temporary employees, who have an approximately 50% higher risk of accident. The personal safety passport allows temporary employees to obtain and demonstrate their accident prevention qualifications and to share these with employee leasing and client companies. Suva wants to digitalise this personal safety passport.

portrait picture, Jens Jasper
' With Zühlke by our side as an innovation partner, we’re on the right track and are in the process of creating a digital safety passport with real added value for our customers. '
Jens Jasper
Project Manager, Suva

Customer-centric product innovation

The team at Zühlke interviews the participating customers and discovers that there is little to be gained by simply digitalising the safety passport. As a result, a product innovation emerges from the digitalisation project. Having conducted a needs analysis, new features are identified during prevention workshops organised together with customers, integrated into a prototype and tested with customers.

New safety passport with added value

The integration of e-learning modules allows a uniform Suva safety standard to be implemented. The validity of qualifications earned by temporary staff is increased, and the effort required for implementation is reduced. In addition, client companies get a transparent overview of the data. Thanks to its collaboration with Zühlke, Suva has a new product with real added value for all parties.