Industrial Sector

Leaner and faster IoT integration

RP Technik

  • Manual function tests cost time and money  

  • Zühlke develops an IoT solution based on Microsoft Azure  

  • Service staff can check the functional status via mobile app 

The emergency lighting and emergency power systems manufacturer wanted to digitise its servicing operations and connect its lights to the cloud. Zühlke enabled rapid, efficient integration of IoT capabilities.

Manual functional tests cost time and money

Reliably indicating and lighting escape routes is essential for safety and a legal requirement in all large buildings. Emergency lighting systems also have to be checked regularly, and these checks must include functional tests. Because each light has to be located and manually tested individually and the results documented, servicing has until now been a time-consuming business for building managers and on site service teams. Could there be a simpler, more efficient way? 

Self-testing lights with cloud connectivity

Zühlke developed an IoT solution based on the Microsoft Azure platform. This allows next generation lights to be checked and their status, including function test results, to be recorded in a fully auditable process without touching the lights – no stepladder required. Service staff simply instruct the connected devices to perform a self-test and download the test results wirelessly via a mobile app. The test report is automatically uploaded to the cloud. 

Dr. Martin Eichler, RP Technik
' Thanks to Zühlke’s IoT expertise, we have completed the transition to our new, digital business in the certainty that we are on the right road technology-wise. '
Dr. Martin Eichler
Technical Project Manager Development

Added value for the sales team, service team and end customer

A lightweight IoT pilot project demonstrated that the numbers add up for all concerned. Service staff saved valuable working time and were able to concentrate on the technical side of their role. At the same time, costs for building managers and end customers were also reduced. Improved after-sales service also led to enhanced customer loyalty.