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HoloLinc®: faster delivery and a great customer experience

thyssenkrupp devised a digitalised sales process to improve efficiency and the customer experience. Zühlke implemented the project in record time.

Executive Summary

  • thyssenkrupp wants to rapidly revamp its stair lift sales process 
  • Using agile methodologies the team achieves a spectacularly rapid time to market 
  • Zühlke’s solution combined the iPad and HoloLens 

Strict deadlines and a tight budget

HMI 2017 saw Microsoft and thyssenkrupp Elevator unveil a proof of concept for a HoloLens-based sales process. Zühlke’s task was to implement the solution in a joint team with the client across multiple locations. By using agile methodologies the team achieved a spectacularly rapid time to market. 

Dirk Marschall Thyssenkrupp
A key factor in HoloLinc’s success was our partnership with Zühlke, and their extensive experience with mixed reality and industrialising prototypes.
Dirk Marschall

Development in record time

As a pioneer of digitalisation, thyssenkrupp wanted to rapidly revamp its stair lift sales process. With a tight deadline and budget, this was a major challenge – some of the basic technologies needed for the solution, such as displaying mixed reality on an iPad, were yet to be developed. There was also the issue of connectivity between the various devices and systems (iPad, HoloLens, Azure cloud and thyssenkrupp ERP system) via a variety of interfaces. The solution also needed to have an intuitive, easy to-use user interface. 

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Lean connectivity and backend solutions

Zühlke’s solution combined the iPad and HoloLens. With expertise from innumerable end-to-end IoT projects, Zühlke was able to deliver connectivity and backend solutions rapidly and simply. Thanks to Zühlke’s distributed and agile development experience, HoloLinc® was ready to deploy in just 10 months.