Digitalisation & Disruption

Hans Eisenring AG: digital assembly process leads to higher satisfaction


  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Greatly improved quality management

  • More efficient processes lighten the workload for employees

Hans Eisenring AG is digitalising its kitchen assembly processes with the help of Zühlke. Both end customers and employees benefit from more efficient processes.

Tedious task management

Hans Eisenring AG assembles and installs kitchens from both its own line and third-party brands. The company’s customers include private individuals as well as institutional building owners and property developers. The company believes that the whole process – from assembly through to acceptance – can be improved. At present, many pending tasks are written down manually by installers and quality managers and then forwarded to in-house staff later, which results in unnecessary delays and communication obstacles between in-house and field staff.

' Zühlke acquainted themselves with our processes and immediately understood how we work and then developed the right solution for us. '
Patrick Bruderer
Executive Board, Hans Eisenring AG

Collaborative development

Zühlke conducted workshops with all stakeholders and familiarised its- elf with the exact requirements directly on site. Together with the specialists at Hans Eisenring AG, Zühlke developed apps to support the assembly process. The apps allow installers to record pending tasks and enter them directly into the backend. At the same time, quality managers can create additional tasks and orders during test runs and customer acceptance. The development process takes end users into account with continuous feedback and field tests until the system goes live. Flat hierarchies, the willingness to continuously improve, and an open culture at Hans Eisenring AG made for a smooth and pleasant collaboration.

Tangible added value

The entire assembly process is now more efficient thanks to the digitalised task management system. The ability to enter pending tasks directly on-site allows installers to complete this part of the process, which was previously performed at a later stage via PC. The in-house staff now receive the information immediately and can therefore handle projects more quickly and plan resources accordingly. As a result, the company now installs more kitchens, and end customers benefit from a quicker process with fewer iterations.