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Organisational consulting and transformation

Zühlke creates effective strategies and breakthrough innovations that deliver long-term value, for you and your customers. We take a relentlessly agile, outside-in approach. In close collaboration, this proves transformative for our clients. We drive innovation with interdisciplinary teams that include business experts, UX designers, psychologists and mathematicians. In this way we fuse three essential perspectives: technology, business and human experience.

Our organisational consulting services

Our organisational consulting services boost the performance and learning abilities of your business so that you can anticipate change and configure your organisation accordingly. We are collaborative, pragmatic and implementation-focused. Together, we streamline your organisation – and lay the foundations for profitable and sustainable growth.

The key to a flexible and learning organisation

Challenges such as increasing competitive pressure, a volatile market environment or legacy issues: Today more than ever, companies need to work on their performance and learning abilities. The key to sustainable success is the transformation into a flexible and continuously learning organisation where customer focus, performance and culture are all in harmony. Zühlke is your companion on this path – with strategies that are effective and long-lasting because they bring business value, technology and people into unison.

Zühlke is regarded as a pioneer in organisational consulting and transformation at the interfaces between customer, business and IT. In this context, we advise you on strategy, structure, processes, performance measurement, talent management and leadership.

In this way, you actively create an environment in which a sustainable organisational culture is created, characterised by the balance between innovation and stability. With our "Agile Enterprise" and "Digital@Scale Operating Model" approaches, we optimise the time-to-market and the market-fitness of your product innovations.

We also have decades of experience in the areas of enterprise architecture, DevOps, and customer-experience design. Using this practical knowledge, we digitalise your operating model and create a foundation that ensures your transformation scales successfully.

DiCo Collaboration
DiCo Collaboration
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DiCo Collaboration
Marco Balzarini
Contact person for Switzerland

Marco Balzarini

Head of Digital Consulting

Marco Balzarini has been a partner of the Zühlke Group since 2017 and leads the Digital Consulting Team at Zühlke Switzerland. An engineer by trade, Marco Balzarini subsequently pursued a degree in Business Administration and now provides holistic consulting services to clients implementing innovation projects. In doing so, he creates broad-based and implementable approaches with a focus that is both methodical and pragmatic. He enjoys the challenge of rethinking complex issues and combining different perspectives (strategy, technology and organisation) in order to establish sustainable solutions.

Stefan Malcherek Zühlke
Contact person for Germany

Stefan Malcherek

Principal Business Consultant

Stefan Malcherek is Principal Business Consultant at Zühlke Germany in the Hamburg Office since 2019. He has a diploma in business administration and extensive experience in management consulting, agile transition, the development of new business models, the management of interdisciplinary teams, the creation of new teams and start-ups. Before joining Zühlke, Stefan worked for PWC (Consulting) and a Boutique Management Consultancy in the energy and telecommunication industry.  After joining E.ON and the E.ON Accelerator he founded his own start-up and led it for three years developing a B2C data driven platform for energy customers.

Neil Moorecraft
Contact person for United Kingdom

Neil Moorcroft

Managing Director Customer Solutions & Partner

Neil Moorcroft is a partner and a member of the Executive Board of Zuhlke UK. He is responsible for the successful delivery of all customer engagements and for the ongoing expansion of our offering portfolio. With over 25 years of experience in IT consulting, Neil’s passion is helping organisations create digital innovations with advanced technology.

Contact person for Singapore

William Dew

Managing Director Business Development

William Dew leads Business Development for Zühlke in Singapore. He has over 20 years of experience working with diverse organisations across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East to solve complex business and technology challenges. Prior to joining Zühlke, William was the founder and CEO of a PropTech business in Hong Kong and has held various APAC leadership roles within companies in the FinTech and Communications industries.

Cristian Hofmann
Contact person for Austria

Cristian Hofmann

Business Solution Manager

Cristian Hofmann is Business Solution Manager and since März 2020 at Zühlke. After his studies of Computer Science and Doctorate in "Digital Multimedia" and "User Experience", he worked at Fraunhofer Gesellschaft as Senior Researcher and Project Manager. From 2012 to 2020, he was employed at adesso Austria, for the time being as Project Manager, and later as Managing Consultant and Head of Consulting. His emphasis is the field of UX/CX and Innovation Management as well as Web and Mobile Applications. He was able to employ these skills at customers of diverse business areas, such as Insurance, Utilities or Public. 

Connie Yeung
Contact person for Hong Kong

Connie Yeung

Business Development Manager

Connie oversees the Insurance and other key business verticals in Hong Kong. She has over 10 years of experience working in both Finance and IT industry, supporting a wide range of organisations including Fortune 500 clients. With that, she has gained extensive insight into how enterprises can create better business outcomes with digital innovation. Connie is also active in foundations supporting initiatives on women leadership and women in IT.