Device & Systems Engineering

At Zühlke, we ideate, design, prototype and engineer product and system innovations for start-ups and established manufacturers of household appliances, industrial goods and medical products. Clients trust our expertise and services throughout the entire product-development process and product lifecycle.

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We tailor our support on a sliding scale. From delivering the initial idea and first prototypes to full responsibility for product design and development, production, market launch and maintenance. From optimizing individual components to developing complex devices and associated disposables from scratch. Our clients also praise our collaborative approach and they benefit from our cross-industry know-how. Likewise the fact that we cover all the disciplines required to get a product to market: mechanics, electronics, firmware and embedded software, connectivity, optical systems, as well as simulation/CAD. 

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Ideation & Prototyping

We Co-create the New

For your products to succeed, you first need to understand the context of use, target groups and product language that best fits your brand and corporate strategy. We are experts in analysing the kind of device or product (including associated services) your customers need, and the requirements it must fulfil to win them over – and beat the competition. 

In the ideation and product-development process, our contextual analysis helps you effectively evaluate ideas. We conduct field studies, market analysis, and ideation workshops with your product management and marketing. Speed ​​creation clarifies the vision, goals and scope. In the concept development phase, we concretise the ideas with solution sketches and our business consultants help formulate and challenge the business case and model. Prototyping starts as early as possible – to test ideas and get the feedback from key stakeholders. Functional prototypes ensure feasibility, test functionality and eliminate risks. Usability prototypes focus on human factors and user acceptance.

Product Development

We Build Successful Products

Developing complex devices and products is a challenge, even in established industries. The reason: Greater product variability, shorter product life cycles and the growing importance of product software. As the pressure to innovate continues to rise, the window of opportunity continues to shrink.  

We guide you efficiently through the whole product-design and development process – from original concept to cost-optimised product. Our teams apply a strict design-to-cost mindset without ever losing sight of the key functions of the product. Our smart design-for-manufacturing and design-for-assembly philosophy ensures components can be produced and assembled simply and efficiently. It’s a unique approach that blends cost-effectiveness with high-quality industrial design, UX, cyber security, business model innovation and strategy consulting. The result is market success.


We take responsibility for production and all certifications

Zühlke takes responsibility for manufacturing products, testing, compliance and certification. We implement sophisticated test and inspection systems in development and production, and accompany you through the approval process, even for regulated environments and medical products. This gets your product faster to market, which increases the chance of success. 

We produce the first batches in-house before initiating production through our partner network. Our lean approach to manufacturing products optimises your operation throughout the entire process.

Value Engineering

We Lower Cost and Raise the Bar

Global competition is creating cost pressure for your business while demand for better quality and functionality grows ever more intense.  

With our specialised process and decades of hands-on experience, we achieved cost reductions of manufacturing equipment, machines and disposables by more than 50% – without compromising product quality. Our services include benchmarking competition products by examining rival cost structures. This delivers multiple cost-saving ideas for manufacturing your own products, and a solid basis for choosing between a cost optimisation process or new development. Our consultants help re-align your organisation and business units to focus on value engineering, and ensure the impact is sustained over time.

Zühlke Product Engineering
Zühlke Product Engineering
Zühlke Product Engineering
Zühlke Alexander Kuchenbecker

Alexander Kuchenbecker

Business Solution Manager
Contact person for Germany +49 6196 777 54 416

Alexander Kuchenbecker manages mandates at Zühlke ranging from agile software to hardware and entire devices. As a mechanical engineer he has more than 12 years of experience in the development of products and their industrialisation. At Zühlke, he uses the aspects of agile product development in particular to provide our customers with optimal support in the development of networked digital products.

Zühlke Eric Roth

Eric Roth

Director Solution Center
Contact person for Switzerland +41 43 216 6846

Eric Roth has been with Zühlke Switzerland since 2011 and is a Partner. He has more than 20 years experience in the innovation of products consisting of software, hardware or both. Prior to joining Zühlke, Eric Roth held various positions at start-ups and SMEs in the consumer electronics, mobile software and medical technology sectors.

Robert Sorschag

Senior Business Solution Manager
Contact person for Austria +43 1 20511 6825

Robert Sorschag is Senior Business Solution Manager at the Zühlke Group. He is leading complex digital transformation and innovation engagements for Austrian customers in industrial and consumer products. Before joining Zühlke, he worked as a scientist in the area of multimedia analysis and data science. As consultant, Robert is currently focused on smart connected products, data-driven solutions, sustainable product innovation and customer experience.

Zühlke Brewster Barclay

Brewster Barclay

Business Development Director
Contact person for United Kingdom +44 20 7113 5337

Brewster Barclay has a long history developing and selling innovative software and hardware solutions in the electronics and Internet industries, including running a start-up for 6 years. He is dedicated to helping customers create innovative solutions in healthcare and has shown this outside of his Zühlke responsibilities in his frequent mentoring of e-health and medtech startups.

Zühlke Jonas Trindler

Jonas Trindler

CEO Asia
Contact person for Singapore +65 6921 7804

Jonas Trindler is CEO at Zühlke Asia and Partner at Zühlke Group. He founded subsidiaries in Singapore and Hong Kong, and heads the Asia team in partnering with companies in the business and technology sectors with a focus on developing solutions driving innovation for the digital future. Jonas Trindler has extensive experience in building, developing and growing high-performance agile engineering teams, having pioneered teams in various new locations on a global level.

Zühlke Christoph Bröcker

Christoph Bröcker

Managing Director
Contact person for Hong Kong +852 6467 1505

Christoph Bröcker is Managing Director of Zühlke in Hong Kong. With over 20 years of experience in the IT services industry, he has supported mission-critical projects primarily in banking, insurance, telecommunications, and manufacturing as a manager, consultant and engineer. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and an MBA from Mannheim Business School. Enthusiastic about the value that software can bring to our society and our lives, his current focus is on digital ecosystems and multi-sided platform business models.