Envisioning and creating a sustainable future

28.07.2022 - Zühlke publishes its first Corporate Responsibility Report. This new report addresses activities regarding sustainability, and also takes a self-reflective look at topics like diversity & inclusion, business ethics, product quality & safety, cybersecurity & resilience, customer experience, and more.

Christoph Broecker
' In this report, we show what responsibility means to us as a technology company. This serves two main purposes for us: Engaging in an open exchange with our stakeholders, and benchmarking our efforts against standards and best practices. '
Christoph Broecker
Head of Sustainability, Zühlke

Navigating towards a future worth living

The Corporate Responsibility Report is based on the Zühlke sustainability compass. This framework uses three pathways for action: positive project impact, sustainable ways of working, and community engagement.

Positive project impact refers to the effect that Zühlke can achieve with its customer projects. An example of this is the NHS Covid app, which Zühlke helped to realise in the UK.

As an example of a sustainable way of working the company compensates all its carbon emissions and is committed to reaching net-zero emissions. Community engagement encompasses supporting and expanding partnerships, industry associations, charities, and regional and local initiatives through the likes of pro bono consulting, volunteering, and fundraising.

Fabrizio Ferrandina, CEO Zühlke
' As individuals, as organisations, as public bodies, we all have a great deal of responsibility towards people and the planet. At Zühlke, we believe that innovation and technology are a positive force of change for business and society. This is the commitment we anchored in our mission, it is our commitment to taking responsibility. '
Fabrizio Ferrandina
CEO, Zühlke

The report outlines where Zühlke sees its impact, how it enables positive change, and equally important, what it does to avoid or reduce negative impact. Find out more in the full report.

If you have any questions, please contact us at corporateresponsibility@zuehlke.com

Christoph Broecker

Christoph Broecker

Group Head of Sustainability

As Group Head of Sustainability, Christoph Broecker works closely with our regional operations to enhance and strengthen Zühlke's sustainability offerings and capabilities, leading the Group’s efforts towards more sustainable operations. Christoph Broecker has worked in various roles at Zühlke since 2003 and helped set up the Hong Kong office.

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