Our Talent Acquisition team answered some frequently asked questions around Zuhlke's remote interview and onboarding processes.

How to join us

Can I still apply for roles at Zuhlke?

We are still recruiting and are always looking for exceptional talent to join us. All of our open positions are listed on our career page.
If you can't currently find a suitable role, we’d like to invite you to join our Zuhlke talent pool to keep in touch with us.

What's the hiring process like?

To protect our employees' and candidates' health and safety, we have implemented fully remote interview and onboarding processes until further notice. We conduct our initial screening over the phone and complete the interview process using Microsoft Teams.

How quickly can I start in my new role at Zuhlke?

We can currently offer start dates as early as two to three weeks from the day we receive your signed contract. This allows us enough time to prepare your onboarding process and to order and ship your IT equipment.

Working at Zühlke

What is my onboarding process going to look like?
  • Set-up: New joiners now receive their equipment via a signed-for courier to their home. Our IT Manager will guide you through the remote set up of your laptop. Next, a virtual HR onboarding will cover information about the company, employee benefits, and common how-to’s. 

  • Leadership: Your line manager will invite you to a welcome meeting to discuss your onboarding plan. Software Engineers will be assigned a mentor to support their technical onboarding. Your manager will also assist you in defining your personal goals.
  • Meet the team: You will virtually meet your team and relevant stakeholders as a part of your onboarding, and you will likely also connect with other colleagues outside of your team (you’re about to join a friendly and welcoming crew, you’ll see). You will be invited to attend our regular staff meetings from day 1, and we hope that you will join our social activities, too.
How does the team keep in touch in times of social distancing?
  • Staff meetings: They occur every month and allow the team to stay in the know about our ongoing projects, the sales pipeline, and the latest Zuhlke news.

  • Brown bag lunch talks: Initiated by colleagues and held on Fridays, BLTs are a platform for team members to share knowledge with their peers.
  • Group chats: A number of internal group chats allow us to exchange important information around projects and wellbeing, and to keep ourselves entertained with the latest YouTube videos, pet pics, cooking recipes, and silly jokes.
  • Virtual Pub: Every Friday, we get together to end the week with real drinks and virtual chatter about the bright future and good old times.
Amelia Caffrey
Contact person for United Kingdom

Amelia Caffrey

Front-end Engineer

Amelia Caffrey's remote onboarding experience with Zühlke

“By the time I started as an Associate Software Engineer at Zuhlke UK at the end of March 2020, the company had fully shifted to remote work. I wondered how my first day would be without the classic timorous handshakes and pushing of ‘pull’ doors. But it ran very smoothly! My new laptop was sent to my house and our IT Manager carefully walked me through the technical onboarding.“

Getting up to speed: “My manager ensured I had everything I needed to be set up for success. We discussed my onboarding plan and I was paired with a mentor. I was introduced to all the relevant internal chats for learning resources and guidance from peers. Both my line manager and regional director touched base with me (and still do) on a regular basis to see how I'm getting on and supported me in defining my personal goals. Additionally, HR was there for me along the way: Beyond the usual information you would expect from your HR department, they were genuinely interested in my wellbeing and were there for any questions I had.”

Social: “An email to announce my arrival was sent to the whole UK team, which triggered loads of lovely welcome messages from current staff. I then got to know my Manchester colleagues in our virtual team meeting, where everyone introduced themselves (luckily not just me). Our internal chats helped stay connected in both work- and non-work-related topics: Mobile technologies, and rollerblading in my case. At the end of my first week, I joined the “virtual pub” meeting. They call it the “Zed Bar” – I’m yet to figure out why. A great way to end the week and to engage in casual chat with my new colleagues!”

“Despite the lack of clammy hands on my first day (or thanks to it?), I had a wonderful remote onboarding experience. And while I’m still meeting new colleagues and learning new things every day (continuous learning is big here anyway, so I’m not alone with that), I still feel like I’ve settled in perfectly, even from home.”