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Current information for students, graduates and career starters

The situation around Covid-19 remains ongoing. And so, often questions are being raised: Is it the right moment to start a career at all? Should I apply for a new job now? Let us bring a little clarity around this situation.

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Andreea, Senior Talent und Recruiting Specialist, answers some of the most frequently asked and critical questions. 
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Should I apply to Zühlke in the current situation?

Andreea: The current situation has definitely affected our everyday life and changed it quite a bit, however, Zühlke looks positively into the future. We want to continue to fill certain positions and are looking forward to receiving applications. Nevertheless, there are also vacancies that we postponed and which you can therefore no longer find on our website.

We have switched our entire interview process to be fully remote and interview via phone- and video meetings. You can find a few tips on remote job interviewing below.

In the careers section you can easily find our current job openings, filter them by location, function and experience level, and apply to those which suit your professional interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

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How long does it take until I receive feedback on my application?

Andreea: We all work from our home offices and are able to provide you with feedback on your application within a short period of time as usual.

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What should I do if I don't find a suitable position on the careers page?

    Andreea: We will gladly invite you to a virtual coffee session with us to individually discuss the possibilities we may have for you. You can easily schedule an appointment and talk to someone from our recruiting team.

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    Virtual Coffee with our recruiting team: we look forward to our discussion!

    We are easily accessible and offer you an easy way to get in touch with us.

    • Would you like to know which fields at Zühlke are most suitable for you?
    • Would you like to receive feedback on your CV?
    • Do you have any questions about our interview process or specific job offers?

    No matter whether you’re a recent graduate or already bring some experience - we look forward to hearing from you and are happy to answer your questions!