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Choosing the Right Mobile App Development Framework for Your Business Needs

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Behind The Code Talks @ Zuhlke

Mobile app users in Asia are estimated to reach 513 million in 2020 according to market data. A market worth up to US$1,179 million in revenue.

In this fast-moving landscape, many key decisions and factors determine the success of your mobile app project. How do you deliver the optimal mobile experience for your users? Which framework do you choose to minimise long-term cost while maximising value for your customers?

There are many discussions comparing the different mobile frameworks like Native, Hybrid, and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), and they each have their pros and cons. The question is – which one to choose based on your business and user needs?

In this session tailored for business and product leaders, mobile software experts at Zuhlke look to streamline practical advice on the modern mobile frameworks and technologies to invest in:

  • Factors to consider when deciding a mobile framework
  • Native, Hybrid, PWA: Which is the best framework to use?
  • Team setup and skillset required to build and scale a mobile product
  • Q&A

This session will be useful for:

  • Product owners, business/IT owners looking to build or develop a mobile app.
  • Product, design, and development teams working on mobile products.
  • Software engineers, web and mobile developers looking to understand more about mobile development frameworks

Featuring Speakers

  • Ben Fowler, Mobile Software Expert at Zuhlke Hong Kong
  • Ken Ng, Mobile Software Expert at Zuhlke Hong Kong
  • Antonio Tinto, Senior Business Development Manager at Zuhlke
Antonio Tinto

Antonio Tinto

Business Development Manager
Contact person for Hong Kong

Antonio is a thought leader in digital innovation with over 16 years of experience in delivering complex programs, developing new business, product innovation, process improvement and solution integrations across different industries. Antonio has led teams of different cultures and professional backgrounds across industries including end-to-end product development, technology, operations and system management, change delivery and digital solutions. Trilingual in English, Italian and Mandarin, he holds an Honours Degree in International Economics and a Master Degree in Chinese Studies. Antonio is a certified Scrum Master and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Innovation and Design Thinking.

Kiky Shannon Zühlke

Kiky Shannon

Business Development Manager
Contact person for Singapore

Kiky Shannon is passionate about developing trusting relationships with customers and partners, accomplished through innovative problem-solving. In the last 20 years, he has gained extensive experience and valuable insights through various roles, from Software Engineer to Integration Manager and Solution Sales. At Zühlke, his focus is now on driving business development for the Singapore market. As a learning enthusiast, he is mindfully keeping a balance between building business and being an engineer at heart.