LIVE A LITTLE - Work-Life Balance at Zühlke

There’s more to life than just work – we know that. That's why we want our employees to enjoy life and live it to the full. We enable our people to work flexible hours. We know that both company and employees benefit from a healthy work-life balance. And we most definitely understand that part time doesn't mean half hearted. We make sure our people feel free to live a little.

As a company, the thing we rely on most is our people. And in return we make sure they can rely on us. Whether you need support through major life events or want everyday perks that help you live your best life – we are there for you. Here are a few stories from our employees about how they make the most of their lives.

Why work is just one part of a balanced life

For the Head of Competence Unit from the Zühlke Serbian division, Predrag Poposki, finding the right balance comes from letting different aspects of his life co-exist in harmony. 

Predrag isn’t a fan of the term “work-life balance”. According to him, "whatever is in your focus: work, family, friends, wellness, reading, leisure time, traveling, music... all of them are important aspects of life, and all need to be in some kind of balance. It would be rather strange if we choose to say family-life balance, or travel-life balance, right?" Questioning how we think about work, Predrag offers a new perspective.

Predrag Poposki is Head of Competence Unit at Zühlke

From mountain top to home office and back

For our colleague Fabio Plachetta, exploring nature with his family is the best way to balance his everyday working life.

As a young father, flexibility is very important to Fabio, and he therefore decided to reduce his working week at Zühlke. This gives him enough time for all aspects of his life, but above all for his little daughter Mila. Even though the current situation does not make it any easier to separate work and family life, Fabio has found a way to deal with it.

Fabio Plachetta is a Lead Architect at Zühlke Engineering

Separating work and leisure time

From video games to solo trips, Evelyn Loo, an Advanced Software Engineer from Zühlke Singapore, knows how to make the most out of her free time. Finding the perfect balance is an important skill, and Evelyn has a few tips and tricks up her sleeve.

"One of the things that make me really appreciate working with Zühlke is that time off here really means off," shares Evelyn. As we all are getting used to the new normal, Evelyn is pleased that working from home actually suits her lifestyle well.

Evelyn Loo ist Software Engineer bei Zühlke

Profession and passion in harmony

Eight years ago, Frank Zetzsche, Principal Consultant at Zühlke in Eschborn, decided to reduce his working hours to devote more of his life to his passion for yoga. One of the first to use the part-time model, he has also been able to inspire some colleagues and friends to think outside the box and take a closer look at their priorities.

"Having my Fridays off is now the norm after 8 years, but even so, I still value being able to close the laptop on Thursday evenings. The long weekend creates a certain distance between my job and my second mainstay, the yoga classes." It is only this distinct separation of both time and mental activity between his work with Zühlke and his job as a yoga teacher that enables him to combine both these areas in his life in an uncomplicated manner.

Frank Zetzsche is a Principal Consultant at Zühlke Engineering

When new work models create new opportunities

For Advanced Software Engineer Hristina Stoyanova from Zühlke’s Bulgarian office, everyday happiness depends on building a bridge between her work, her interests, and her family time.

Hristina has always wanted to live close to her hometown Dobrič that’s situated right by the Black Sea while also working for an international company. Soon, this dream might be coming true. “I’ve just been told that there might be an opportunity for me to live closer to family while working for Zühlke,” Hristina shares excitedly. 

Hristina Stoyanova is an Advanced Software Engineer at Zühlke Engineering

Singing into the evening

Felix, Project Manager at Zühlke in Vienna, doesn't like doing things by halves. How much he enjoys his hobbies is shown above all by his passion for singing and his part-time involvement in the choir of the Vienna University of Technology. Having a good balance between work and leisure is very important to him. 

"Ultimately, it's all a matter of planning. I have a fairly regular daily routine and get up at the same time every day. In the morning I do gymnastics for a short time and listen to the news; in the evenings I often go jogging – not so much a workout, but rather to get into a flow and be outdoors. This routine helps me to concentrate on my tasks."

Felix Luebbe is a Project Manager at Zühlke Engineering

Flexibility is the key to a healthy lifestyle

Brian Chung, an Expert Software Engineer at the Zühlke Hong Kong office, takes daily steps to ensure his own and his dog Lei-Lei’s well-being. As a Software Engineer, Brian knows what a stressful day looks like. He's currently working on a large bank project that is fast-paced and has tight deadlines, which can also mean long working hours.

"The project is quite challenging, and I really enjoy working on it. However, it is quite easy to burn out if you don't know the beauty of a good balance between work and leisure time", explains Brian. "Luckily, I have defined myself a set of rules that help me balance out work stress and keep my head above water even on the busiest days."

Brian Chung is an Expert Software Engineer at Zühlke