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The Zühlke Group is owned by partners and is managed by a group management and local management teams.
The Group is supervised by the Board of Directors.


Board of Directors Zühlke Group

Executive Board Zühlke Group

Executive Board Zühlke Switzerland

Nicolas Durville CEO Zuehlke ZCH

Nicolas Durville

CEO Switzerland & Partner

Nicolas Durville has been CEO of Zühlke Switzerland since 2018 and joined Zühlke in 2004. He supports and accompanies customers in product innovation, company transformation with agile leadership approaches, as well as in the development of digital and secure solutions. Nicolas Durville has an MSc in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zurich and completed his management training at IMD and INSEAD.

Alex Bögli Zühlke

Alex Bögli

Managing Director Competence Center & Partner

Alex Bögli is Partner and Member of the Executive Board at Zühlke Switzerland. With his passion for innovative products and services he takes responsibility for the technology expertise.

Christian Karrer Management Zuehlke ZCH

Christian Karrer

CFO Switzerland

Christian Karrer has more than 20 years of experience in finance & controlling, which he gained working for companies in various industries. He started at Zühlke Engineering in 2018 as Head of Finance & Controlling and has been CFO Zühlke Switzerland since January 2021.  


Thomas Memmel

Managing Director Customer Solutions & Partner

Thomas Memmel joined Zühlke in 2009 and has been a member of the Executive Board since 2014. He is responsible for the entire project portfolio, the associated customer experience as well as the offer and services innovations from Zühlke Switzerland.

Stefan Sarbach GL Zuehlke ZCH

Stefan Sarbach

Managing Director Business Development & Partner

Stefan Sarbach has been Head of Business Development in Switzerland since summer 2020. He has been with Zühlke for 12 years in various positions (including Site Manager – Bern and Director of BD in Singapore).


Annina Scheidegger

Head Human Resources

Annina Scheidegger has been with Zühlke since 2016 and started her new role as Head of HR at Zühlke Switzerland as of 1 January 2022. After graduating in law, she worked in various HR functions at Accenture and KPMG. As Head of HR, Annina Scheidegger is responsible for all People & Culture topics at Zühlke Switzerland and is part of the global HR Leadership Team of the Zühlke Group.

Executive Board Zühlke Germany

Ernst Ellmer CEO Zuehlke Germany

Ernst Ellmer

CEO Germany & Partner

Ernst Ellmer is a Partner in the Zühlke Group and CEO of Zühlke Germany. He is enthusiastic about combining an agile mindset with technology to deliver innovation to businesses and to society.

Michael Doelle GL ZDE

Michael Doelle

Managing Director Customer Solutions & Partner

Michael Doelle is a partner and a Member of the Executive Board of Zühlke Germany. His responsibilities are project delivery and expanding the service portfolio in new areas where technology drives innovation.

Stefan Grasmann GL ZDE

Stefan Grasmann

Managing Director Competence Center & Partner

Stefan Grasmann is a partner in the Zühlke Group and leads the Competence Center for Zühlke Germany. He supports the local startup ecosystem and has a special interest in Blockchain technologies.

Juergen Pronebner GL ZDE

Jürgen Pronebner

Managing Director Business Development & Partner

As one of the first employees at Zühlke Germany, Jürgen Pronebner has helped to shape the Zühlke journey. Currently he acts as MD for Business Development and Business Innovation Consulting. He is a Member of the Zühlke Ventures Advisory Board and a long-time Partner in the Zühlke Group. 

Executive Board Zühlke United Kingdom

Wolfgang Emmerich

Wolfgang Emmerich

CEO UK & Partner

Wolfgang Emmerich is a Partner and co-founder of the Zühlke Group. He serves on the Group Executive Committee and is responsible for delivering the growth of Zühlke’s market share in the UK market.

Meik Reimer

Meik Reimer

Managing Director

Meik Reimer joined the Zühlke Group in 2010 as a Project Manager for Zühlke Germany. As Managing Director of the UK Competence Centre, Meik is responsible for the development and growth of Zühlke UK’s capabilities. He also serves on its Executive Committee.

Richard Meirion-Williams

Richard Meirion-Williams

Managing Director Business Development

Richard Meirion-Williams is the Managing Director for Business Development in the UK. Richard sits on the Executive Board in the UK.

Neil Moorecraft

Neil Moorcroft

Managing Director Customer Solutions & Partner

Neil Moorcroft is a partner and a member of the Executive Board of Zuhlke UK. He is responsible for the successful delivery of all customer engagements and for the ongoing expansion of our offering portfolio. With over 25 years of experience in IT consulting, Neil’s passion is helping organisations create digital innovations with advanced technology.

Executive Board Zühlke Serbia

Dusan Krompic

Dusan Krompic

Head of Operations

Dusan Krompic is Head of Operations and a Member of the Executive Board of Zühlke Serbia. He is responsible for people management and growth, day to day operations and project delivery, as well as for cooperation with partners. 

Isidora Usendic

Isidora Usendic

Head of Services

Isidora Usendic joined Zühlke Serbia in 2019 as Head of Services. She has international experience and an MBA degree. As a member of the local Executive Board, she looks after personnel matters, legal and compliance, as well as internal and external communications.

Marko Simic

Marko Simic

GDC Business Partner

His responsibility is to create and support opportunities for synergies across Zühlke group locations and business ecosystems. He believes that only by engaging the full group potential will we be able to answer our clients' ever-changing needs.´

Executive Board Zühlke Asia

Jonas Trindler CEO Zuehlke Asia

Jonas Trindler

CEO Asia & Partner

Jonas Trindler is a Partner in the Zühlke Group and leads international expansion with a key focus on the APAC markets. His passion lies in championing innovative, agile ways of working to enable client success and digital innovation.

Executive Zühlke Bulgaria

Diana Elenkova

Diana Elenkova

General Manager

Diana Elenkova leads the Zühlke Bulgaria company. She is Managing Director and is responsible for building and growing the team to partner with customers in all Zühlke locations.  

Executive Board Zühlke Austria

Nikolaus Kawka

Nikolaus Kawka

CEO Austria and Partner

Nikolaus Kawka has been CEO of Zühlke Engineering in Austria since 2011. His entire career has been concerned with successfully integrating new technologies into the business environment. He has also been a partner in the Zühlke Group since 2018.

Tim Cianchi Zühlke

Tim Cianchi

Managing Director Customer Solutions & Partner

Tim Cianchi has worked for Zühlke since 2005 and has been a partner since 2015. He has been in the IT industry his whole career, working internationally for a number of startups, software houses and consultancies. He is currently responsible for the Solution Centre in Zühlke Austria

Barbara Hotwagner

Barbara Hotwagner

Managing Director Competence Center

Barbara Hotwagner joined Zühlke in 2019 as Head of Competence Unit, responsible for growing high performance software delivery teams. Before that, she worked at Microsoft, Oracle and SAS, and has over 20 years of in-depth knowledge of the IT industry. As a member of the Technology Steering Group of the Green Energy Lab, she is highly committed to a sustainable future.

Executive Zühlke Portugal

Predrag Poposki is Head of Competence Unit at Zühlke

Predrag Poposki

Managing Director

Predrag is Managing Director of Zühlke Portugal and has worked for Zühlke since 2015. He takes care of the Porto location's growth by actively shaping processes, supporting recruitment, and empowering people's development.

Zühlke Ventures

Martin Rutishauser VR Zuehlke

Martin Rutishauser

Member of the Board & Partner

Dr. Martin Rutishauser is a Partner and co-founder of the Zühlke Group. He serves on the Group Board of Directors and is responsible for the development of Zühlke Ventures, the organization within the Zühlke group which finances and coaches early-stage Technology Startups.

Patrick Griess Zuehlke Ventures

Patrick Griss


Dr. Patrick Griss is an Executive Partner of Zühlke Ventures, the investment arm of the Zühlke Group, and a board member of several disruptive companies. Using his experience as an operator in the HealthTech sector, he wears his Investor hat to identify top teams, business ideas and technologies, and lead them to success.

Stephan Wehrli Zuehlke Ventures

Stephan Wehrli

Investment Principal & Partner

Stephan Wehrli is Investment Principal at Zühlke Ventures and a Partner in the Zühlke Group. Before he joined Zühlke Ventures, he worked for Zühlke Engineering as Business Unit Leader and Business Solution Manager, mainly for enterprise customers in the area of custom software development projects. Furthermore, he was responsible for the development of the Zühlke-offering “Rent a Startup” in Switzerland.

Khalid Mentak

Khalid Mentak

Ventures Partner from Silicon Valley

Dr. Kal Mentak is a serial entrepreneur and inventor. He has founded and led several successful medical device companies.  He is the inventor of the enVista® and Eternity® Natural® IOLs sold by B&L and Santen Ltd.  Dr. Mentak is the co-founder of the Catalyst Technology Innovation Group, a medical project generator in the San Francisco Bay Area.