Leadership in a modern company


Why do classic management concepts have no future? What does Organisational Resilience and Business Agility mean? How do I design modern leadership? In this course, participants test the basics of modern leadership in an interactive learning format.

Subjects that will be discussed:

  • Why classic management concepts have no future
  • Organisational Resilience and Business Agility
  • Designing modern leadership
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Course Overview

The speed of our economy is strongly driven by the speed of our communication. In the 19th century, information could be transmitted by telegraph at about 3 bits per second. Today the transmission rate on the Internet is several 1,000,000,000 bits per second. Space and time are seemingly infinite in the digital world. However, with the speed of our economic world, complexity has also grown considerably.

In order to be able to continuously provide relevant value propositions in a fast and complex market environment, organisations have established new "agile" production models, which in turn mean a change towards modern organisational models.
How can leadership be sensibly designed in this context?

In a safe environment, participants explore the attitudes and practices that enable alignment, framing and empowerment of people in modern organisations to lead your organisation to agility and resilience.


Participants know the motivation for and success factors of modern leadership. They have tested attitudes and practices to make sense, provide a framework and empower employees on the way to an agile and resilient organisation.

Target group

Decision makers who face the challenge of making their organisation more reactive, effective and resilient.
No prior knowledge is required.

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