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Hey there! If you are looking to expand your portfolio with new clients and competencies – why not join a growing network of companies and startups working together with different international clients and challenging projects? We welcome you with open arms – get in touch today and become our trusted long-term partner! 

A new way of doing business

The increasingly demanding and interdependent market requires a fresh vision and a global  mentality in terms of client’s needs and delivery optimization. To meet the demand of complex multi-disciplinary international projects, one must adapt and prepare the next generation of engineers to an environment where they can freely connect and exchange expertise, and we’re here exactly with that in mind.

Our modern workplace mindset has steered us towards expanding our competences with long - term partnerships, in which we function as one team, regardless of our locations. This synergy will enable us to meet demand and deliver complex projects in an optimal way, while focusing on our primary expertise. At the same time synergy creates invaluable opportunities for exchange of ideas and experiences, and provides you with an opportunities to deepen your knowledge and master new competencies through diverse projects, which generally might not be available. Are you prepared for the new market trends?


Here we come

We are introducing our brand new Competence Network, an eye-level partnership with companies, startups and freelancers in the region. It’s a flexible cooperation platform, based on mutual benefits and availability in regards to projects and business needs.

There is a place for you in this network. We are looking forward to connecting with companies who share our values and core competencies, those who want to expand or whose competencies could add more variety to our our tech stack.

Our primary goal is to optimize quality of delivery, which is why we use „one distributed team” approach where we continuously exchange feedback and communicate with the clients on a regular basis. That’s pretty efficient.

We offer several established models of cooperation, but we are always open to hear your ideas and suggestions, so feel free to give us your take on the work style which suits you the most.

Is this the right thing for me

  • It is if you are a service company with different profiles (e.g. Java, .NET, DevOps, UX…) and would like to partner with us on multiple projects,
  • It is if you are a freelancer with your own company and would like join our project(s),
  • It is if you are a startup with focus on a specific technology (e.g. blockchain) or domain (e.g. fintech),
  • It is if you are a service company with specific services (e.g. 24/7 and IT operations) that you’d like to offer,
  • It is if you have a project you work on and might need support from us (e.g. architecture, software or hardware engineering),
  • It is if you have an idea and would like to propose & discuss with you (e.g. how to win projects together).

What is the first step

Let us lay it down for you


Get in touch with us today to become a part of our Competence Network!
We’re looking forward to start a new way of doing business with you!

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Dusan Krompic

Dusan Krompic

Lead Partner Network

Dusan Krompic is Head of Operations and a Member of the Executive Board of Zühlke Serbia. He is responsible for people management and growth, day to day operations and project delivery, as well as for cooperation with partners.