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Job-matching: Leave us your CV and we'll check which position matches your skills.

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Special situations require special solutions: We offer you a simple way to receive crisp and quick feedback on your CV and your career.

Here's how it works:

  1. Join our talent pool
  2. Create your profile
  3. Upload your CV
  4. That's it - now it's our turn
  5. You'll hear back from us within a couple of days
Zühlke Job-matching

Struggles to find the CV uploading section?

Here some more details:

  • After creating your profile, log in
  • You'll find the mask (refer to step 1) where you can switch between "Applications & Talent pool" and "Profile". Choose "Applications & Talent Pool" and click "Update"
  • You now have the possibility to insert your personal data, such as date of birth, etc. (step 2)
  • See tab number 4 on the menu on your left-hand side, called "Supporting documents" and click on "Add your resume / CV" (step 3)
  • Don't forget to click "complete"

P.S. You can always log in and edit your profile afterwards!

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