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Why work is just one part of a balanced life

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For the Head of Competence Unit from the Zühlke Serbian division, Predrag Poposki, finding the right balance comes from letting different aspects of his life co-exist in harmony.

Predrag’s unique worldview

Predrag  isn’t a fan of the term “work-life balance”. According to him, "whatever is in your focus: work, family, friends, wellness, reading, leisure time, traveling, music... all of them are important aspects of life, and all need to be in some kind of balance. It would be rather strange if we choose to say family-life balance, or travel-life balance, right?" Questioning how we think about work, Predrag offers a new perspective. “Rather than seeing work as an opposing force to life, treat it as an integral element that helps you achieve overall happiness and fulfillment.” You wonder how? He has a few words of wisdom.

“I choose the people with whom I would like to spend my time”

As the Head of Zühlke's Competence Unit, Predrag spends his days interviewing, recruiting, and onboarding great people. He loves to help them figure out their strengths and observe their growth over time. It's precisely working with all these smart, enthusiastic, cheerful, and optimistic people that makes his day. Predrag reveals that this is actually his unique link between the professional and private aspects of his life: "In both, I choose people with whom I would like to spend most of the day." He says that, luckily, this is something that more and more people are considering when looking for professional challenges, too.

Although Predrag doesn't like to draw the line between "life" and "work", he acknowledges the vital role Zühlke plays when it comes to his professional happiness. “I’m proud to say I have found my dream job.” The flexibility to organize his own time, the chance to continuously evolve personally, and helping other people grow are the main factors that made Predrag choose his work. “Because of these three aspects, I wouldn't change a thing about my career with Zühlke.”

Making the most of your time

By staying flexible with his time, Predrag has learned to look at his leisure time as one element of his everyday experience. This allows him to include quality time at home, personal education, wellness, music, and other interests into a harmonious and fulfilling routine. “I take great pleasure in spending time with family and friends. I have multiple hobbies, and I educate myself on topics like coaching, motivation, team dynamics, and philosophy.” All of these experiences feedback and support each other as well as Predrag's professional aspirations. “After all, a balanced life means making the most out of your limited time – however you might choose to spend it,” says Predrag.

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Predrag Poposki

Head of Cloud & Partner

Predrag Poposki is an experienced IT professional who has been with Zuhlke Engineering since 2015, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. As Head of Cloud Practice in Global Delivery Centers (GDC), Predrag is responsible for overseeing the delivery of cloud solutions to clients and ensuring that the team is operating at peak performance.

He is driven by a desire to make things better every day, both for his clients and the people on his team, who he is passionate about growing and developing.

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