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What to have in mind if you are to experience a remote video interview

Tipps für dein Remote-Video-Vorstellungsgespräch bei Zühlke

We merged our whole interview process to a remote process for the time being. So far, it works out just fine! But there are some things to keep in mind compared to face to face interviews. If that is something new for you, too, here are some tips and tricks for you.

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1. Check the technical setup for your remote video interview

Prior to the interview, you will most probably receive an email from the Recruiter/ the Hiring Manager - an invitation to the remote video interview with instructions - probably a link to the meeting, or login credentials. Make sure to have a look at them and try to see if they are working before the interview, to save yourself the experience of unpleasant surprises. In case you are having difficulties with the login, do not hesitate to write to the person who sent you the email.

2. Be yourself

The remote interview is just like any other interview. Even maybe better in a way - you don't have to commute to the company’s office. Instead - you can choose a comfortable environment - at home or some other quiet place.

3. Dress as if it was a face to face interview

Beware to look professional - dress appropriately, as you would have dressed if the interview was on-site at the company. Remote or not, you are still a professional and there are many details to support that statement. Make sure also your hair looks okay to be shown "in front of people". As the interviewers would be seeing only a small part of you, show it in the best possible and close to reality way. So they know what to expect when the day comes to finally meet you in person.

4. Choose your background wisely

Choose a nice surrounding for your video interview. In case you choose to have the interview at home, I guess you don't want your bed or the kitchen cupboards to be visible behind you. It would also be nice if your camera is not facing a window as well - the light coming out of it would make you appear like a shadow. Choose the living room instead, preferably with a plain wall behind you. Best case scenario - with a window in front of you. That way people can really see you and "feel" your presence.

5. A strong internet connection is key

Make sure to choose the spot in your apartment with the strongest internet connection. You may have to check that in advance, so the interview doesn't get interrupted due to poor connection (and you don't end up having it in your bedroom after all).

6. Check your audio settings in advance

Check your headset - is the volume okay? Can others hear you clearly? is it too sensitive to any background noises? Especially if you are not going to be the only one at home, it's important to cancel out all disturbing noises. 

7. Don't forget about your neighbours

In case you have noisy neighbours - you may have to ask them in advance to remain quiet during the time slot of your interview. Just explain the situation to them, they would understand. Or if you have to - bribe them with cookies.

Pavlina Eskidarova is a Talent Acquisition and Sourcing Specialist at Zühlke Engineering
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Pavlina Eskidarova

Talent Acquisition and Sourcing Specialist

Pavlina Eskidarova is a Talent Acquisition and Sourcing specialist for Zühlke. She's looking for Software Engineers who share the same passion for innovation as her Zühlke colleagues do.