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Flexibility is the key to a healthy lifestyle

Brian Chung is an Expert Software Engineer at Zühlke

Brian Chung, an Expert Software Engineer at the Zühlke Hong Kong office, takes daily steps to ensure his own and his dog Lei-Lei’s well-being.

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As a Software Engineer, Brian knows what a stressful day looks like. He's currently working on a large bank project that is fast-paced and has tight deadlines, which can also mean long working hours. "The project is quite challenging, and I really enjoy working on it. However, it is quite easy to burn out if you don't know the beauty of a good balance between work and leisure time", explains Brian. "Luckily, I have defined myself a set of rules that help me balance out work stress and keep my head above water even on the busiest days." Brian's four-legged friend, a 10-year old Pomeranian called Lei-Lei keeps him in check. "She needs regular walks outside and play-time with me. In return, this allows me to have a break, refresh my mind, and come up with truly creative solutions."

Taking control of your time

Brian's number one rule when it comes to healthy work is flexibility. "Having control of my time is the key to a healthy lifestyle." Hong Kong born-and-raised, Brian has worked with various local companies during his career. "But it was when I joined Zühlke, that I realized how much the trust between the company and its employees means to a healthy work environment," says Brian. "I can decide when to start and finish my day as I am trusted to complete my projects and fulfill the hours in a way that works best for me."

“I missed human interaction and face-to-face conversations”

Brian finds such a culture of trust not only supportive but also important to him because it allows him to take good care of Lei-Lei. "Whenever she has gotten sick in the past, I could work from home and nurse her back to good health," says Brian. During the pandemic, all communication took place online, but Brian is slowly returning to the office. "Although I really enjoy working from home, I have missed human interaction and face-to-face conversations with the team and clients. I am happy to be working from the Zühlke and the client's offices again."

Switching off is vital

Considering the nature of Brian's job, it's unsurprising that one of his well-being rules involves knowing how to switch off properly. "For me, it's important to switch all work notifications off after work hours. This way, I can truly relax and focus on spending time with my family, catching up with friends over dinner, or spending time outside with Lei-Lei," Brian explains.

“I can’t wait to get back to Japan”

When the conversation turns to hobbies and interests, Brian mentions gaming and travel. "I see myself as a gamer - I am particularly interested in Japanese role-playing games." So much so that he began learning Japanese to understand the storyline and characters better. A huge fan of Japanese culture, Brian travels to Tokyo and Osaka at least twice a year, where he explores local architecture, historic temples, and the best anime stores. Most importantly, he loves to savor the best of Japanese cuisine. "It's hard to find ramen in Hong Kong that could match the authentic Japanese flavors," smiles Brian. "Although the pandemic has put a pause on all my travel plans, I can't wait to get back to Japan."

Brian Chung is an Expert Software Engineer at Zühlke
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Brian Chung

Expert Software Engineer

Brian Chung was born in Hong Kong. He has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science awarded by the City University of Hong Kong and he has been in the software industry since 2009. His main area of expertise is in iOS mobile native development. One of his biggest successes was to help a social media company to maintain and improve their iOS app reaching more than 3 million active users around the world. Brian is convinced that mobile apps can help people to connect to the world easier. During his leisure time, he enjoys playing video games, walking with his adorable doggie and learning about Japanese culture.

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