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Blockchain: New platform aims to improve CO2 balance sheet

Blockchain and other distributed-ledger technologies are currently very much on the rise and offer many exciting solutions for pressing problems – whether in mechanical and plant engineering, the consumer goods industry, in banking and insurance or the healthcare industry. But the biggest advantage of these technologies still has to be bought at a high price: to ensure that data in a blockchain will be tamper-proof, it needs to be verified. The underlying algorithms are very computationally intensive and come at a cost: High energy consumption and thus high CO2 emissions.

A new platform called "Carbonara" aims to draw attention to this problem and in this way ensure that the issue of sustainability is given greater consideration in the further development of distributed-ledger technologies. Simone Giehl – Trend Business Lead for blockchain at Zühlke – has written about this topic in an article in the online magazine "Industry of Things".