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Today, building technology companies are finding that they need to compete against new digital players, own-brand retailers and low-cost suppliers. Additionally, their customers now have higher expectations.

Digital solutions are an opportunity to overcome these challenges. They enable companies to concentrate on the needs of end users, including decision makers. The next few years will see new digital business models established alongside existing business that focus purely on products. It follows that digital services can be decisive for business success.  

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Together with you, we develop new digital business models. Thanks to our experience in the field of smart building, we can effectively implement ideas and bring them to market. Our experts use proven methods and agile thinking to turn your idea into a successful business model

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Creating Added Value with Business Model Innovation

To stand out from the international competition, new players in the market and private labels, manufacturers of building technology need digital business models.

We have the experience to develop a ‘digital innovation’ model, independently or together with your own teams. Our portfolio includes diverse workshop formats, the creation of digitalisation and data strategies, and conception of digital services.

This is how we help you expand your market position, set yourself apart from the competition, monetise existing know-how and achieve success in new ecosystems

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Getting Closer to Decision Makers and End Customers 

Complex solutions are worth little if users and decision makers don’t accept them, so customer insights, user experience and usability are key to maximising impact.

With a neutral viewpoint, our customer and user-experience teams help manufacturers find solutions that focus on the end customer’s needs, using customer interviews and a methodology we have fine-tuned over countless successful projects.

This generate solutions that work, are intuitive to use and visually convincing, regardless of the medium – be it a website or portal, mobile app or external elements that interact with the customer’s screen. 

In this way, we help you strike a chord with users and intermediaries alike. 

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Leading Interdisciplinary Digital Development Projects to Success

 The digitalisation of products and services requires a combination of domain knowledge and digital know-how. Companies must integrate established partners, newcomers and a variety of systems while successfully navigating the transformation of existing processes or established ways of working. 

We have been applying the principles of agile development to software projects for years, and have successfully transferred this method to the development of devices (hardware, mechanics and electronics).

This puts us in a unqiue position to help you achieve your digitalisation goals. We can effectively develop and industrialise networked digital (IoT) products and services in an agile way up to the point of mass production, in compliance with certification and regulation requirements, exactly as your market demands. We can also help you identify suitable partners for manufacture. 

In this way, we ensure you get future-proof software and devices to market on time – either independently or working together with your team. 

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Ensuring Data and Cyber Security for Digital Solutions 

Digital products and solutions operate at the interface between the private and public, which creates security vulnerabilities and exposes data to attack. Companies, users and data all need protection, as does the manufacturer’s brand image.

Zühlke provides lasting cyber protection for both manufacturers and end users – with preventive threat modelling, architecture reviews, custom-made security concepts for new solutions and robust new system architectures.

With our rigorous, all-encompassing approach, we turn the security of your system into a unique selling point

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

Senior Business Solution Manager
Contact person for Singapore

Having a PhD in Technology from ETH Zurich, Thomas Meyer has a strong background in balancing business development and finding solutions in IT and Tech environments. He has worked as a project manager in several healthcare projects. He is looking forward to support healthcare clients in Asia in their digital transformation journey. 

Julie Pourtois Zühlke

Julie Pourtois

Director Business Development
Contact person for Hong Kong

Julie Pourtois joined Zuhlke in 2020, heading the Business Development team in Hong Kong. Bringing with her over 15 years of experience in the tech industry, Julie oversees Zuhlke’s market positioning and customer portfolio across regional markets and industries in Asia. Julie strives to positively impact and uplift organisations, teams, and the larger communities she engages actively with.

Zühlke Dominic Böni

Dominic Böni

Business Development Manager
Contact person for Switzerland

Dominic Böni has many years of experience in the field of innovation of building services engineering. He was part of a leading sensor technology company for building services engineering, is the founder of a start-up company that deals with communication on construction sites and is responsible for business development in the field of building services engineering at Zühlke. Dominic Böni has a master's degree in physics and holds 17 patent families in his name. He covers both the technical and the business side of the subject.

Gabriele Baierlein

Gabriele Baierlein

Director Business Development
Contact person for Germany

Gabriele Baierlein joined Zühlke in 2016. She has already acquired more than 20 years of sales and leadership experience and led complex service deals in international IT companies. At Zühlke, Gabriele takes a leading role in shaping the future of consumer goods & the building industry. She is also a lecturer at the FOM University of Applied Science of Munich and at the Chamber of Industry & Commerce in Bavaria in the areas of economics and project management.

Andreas Pfleger

Andreas Pfleger

Business Development Manager
Contact person for Austria

Andreas Pfleger is Business Development Manager at Zühlke. After a view exiting years in the manufacturing area, he changed to the IT sector. As a senior project manager he was responsible for mainly sofware development projects. For more than 8 years he specialises in solution-orientated business development in manufacturing and the machine building industry. He has a passion for the industrial digital transformation.

Adam Cole

Adam Cole

Business Development Manager
Contact person for United Kingdom

Adam Cole is a business development executive who enjoys building partnerships, understanding partners’ biggest challenges, shaping their strategic vision and delivering value through Zuhlke’s many solution offerings. An honest, passionate team player who always puts the client first and is constantly looking for new, innovative ways to build meaningful solutions that make a real difference.