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Get real insights and build patient trust with compliant solutions in healthcare. We’d love to show you how.

Patient trust in pharma is at an all-time low: in a survey of over a thousand prescription users from the UK and Ireland, 93% of patients reported not trusting the advice from pharmaceutical companies

Show me how to change this

Patient data contains invaluable insights to improve patient trust and health, without compromising on privacy or regulatory risk. Building better patient experiences safely can help big pharma regain patient and consumer trust.
In a market saturated with tech players who have customer access to highly valuable consumer health data that provide insights you don't have, how do you unite patients and pharma to create services that build trust and provide added value?

We can help. Let’s have a coffee and discover: 

  • How we can help you develop your business with digital therapies for outcome-based reimbursement, so you can demonstrate a business case for your therapies within the wider healthcare ecosystem.

  • Ways to make an impact on the healthcare ecosystem using AI solutions. Seamlessly integrate your digital offerings and deliver better patient outcomes. 

  • How to take a data driven approach to diagnostics, therapy management and medication devices with AI.

  • How to create digital medical solutions that train on data, using methods like federated learning to safeguard their data.

  • How to accelerate your research level algorithms to compliant market ready AI solutions.  

  • Deliver digital technologies that impact your business for better. 

  • The steps needed to navigate AI in pharma, identify the obstacles for your business success and learn how to expedite development of your therapies with digital solutions and how to launch them successfully onto the market. 

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Jan Horvat Zühlke

Jan Horvat

Senior Business Development Manager and Industry Lead - Digital Healthcare and Life Sciences
Contact person for Germany

Jan Horvat has a long track record in several strategic and operational management positions leading international product and software development alliances in the pharmaceutical and in various tech-industries. Together with his team, he is passionate about guiding healthcare clients to establish health-tech and digital business innovations along their patient´s and enterprise value chains. 

Bardia Zanganeh

Bardia M. Zanganeh

Senior Business Development Manager
Contact person for Switzerland

Bardia M. Zanganeh is responsible for the Life Sciences and Healthcare practice in Switzerland. He serves leading healthcare institutions on all technology agenda issues. His primary areas of focus include digital innovation, business model transformation and product innovation. He also serves providers as well as medical technology and pharmaceutical companies. He has a background in engineering, consulting and entrepreneurship and is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration in Zurich.