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How one company survived the Pensions crisis by totally embracing Agile

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Executive Summary

On March 19th 2014, the Chancellor of the Exchequer dropped a bombshell. He changed the rules governing pensions and plunged the Financial Services industry into turmoil.

This is a true account of how one company turned an imminent crisis to immedi-ate advantage. By adopting Agile approaches across the board, they outstripped and out-performed rivals – getting to market a year ahead of competitors and turning a collection of stand-alone products into a seamless suite of IFA offerings.

Even more importantly, this whole experience has created a new culture of con-fidence in IT where Agile thinking is seen as central and essential to delivering mission-critical business projects.

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Brewster Barclay

Brewster Barclay

Business Development Director
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Brewster Barclay has a long history developing and selling innovative software and hardware solutions in the electronics and Internet industries, including running a start-up for 6 years. He is dedicated to helping customers create innovative solutions in healthcare and has shown this outside of his Zühlke responsibilities in his frequent mentoring of e-health and medtech startups.