Improving outcomes for citizens and staff

Alleviate budgetary pressure while navigating the concerns of staff and citizens using digital and data.

How we can help

  • Digital Services for the Citizen

    Changing culture and behaviours within the government is key, the only real way to do this is to place the customer or citizen needs at the centre of decision making and product design.

  • Modernising Government Legacy

    Departments in government are at different stages of maturity, and if you’re using old legacy systems, you’ll find they’re unmaintainable. And the rate of transformation is too slow, meaning your citizens' needs aren’t being met.

  • Data exploration for departments
    (data discovery)

    Some government departments still see excel as the go to data tool of choice, how can departments make better use of data within the department, how can you get policy makers off excel.

Trusted by government organisations


  • Deliver faster and open up new business opportunities.

  • Achieve quick results and ensure business continuity throughout the modernisation.

  • Reduced maintenance efforts/costs and improve service quality.

  • Improved time-to-market thanks to optimised architecture and processes.

Led by our UK Government Leadership

  • Dan Klein / Director Solutions Centre


    Ofgem Data Transformation
    Smart DCC Smart Meter Demand Simulator
    Audi Electric Vehicle Data Transformation
    Toyota Digital Transformation
    ONS Data Transformation
    Rolls-Royce Marine Autonomous Lower Carbon Ships

  • Steven Steer / Lead Data Consultant


    Energy Data Taskforce Sectoral-digitalisation policy
    Ofgem Data & Digitalisation regulation
    Cross-government Modernising Energy Data programme
    EDF Energy Commodities data science & policy Insights
    University of Cambridge Research, energy economics

  • Adam Cole / Director of Business Development


    Department for Health and Social Care: Test and Trace Account manager
    Co-op Group: Account manager
    Dunnhumby: Account manager
    OfGem: Account manager


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