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Foundations of Professional JavaScript Development


Get to know the characteristics of JavaScript as a language, avoid common pitfalls and apply best practices.

Subjects that will be discussed:

  • Practice-oriented development with JavaScript
  • Advanced techniques for application development
  • Modularizing source code and patterns

Course Duration

1 day

Course Overview

Developments in the HTML5 field and the opportunities offered by mobile devices mean that JavaScript is firmly back in the limelight. A world without JavaScript clients would be unthinkable, even in the enterprise environment. The use of development tools such as IDEs, test systems and build systems, familiar from the Java and C# ecosystems, and of patterns and static code analysis is now established practice in JavaScript development.

The course offers a practice-oriented introduction to professional software development with JavaScript. Following a detailed introduction to the characteristics of the language, participants will use advanced techniques to develop a sample JavaScript browser application. The application, a single-page application, serves to illustrate how complex JavaScript applications should be structured, how source code can be modularised and what patterns are used.

An interactive approach with numerous programming examples helps participants achieve rapid learning and enduring understanding.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to develop a complex JavaScript browser application to a professional software development standard. They will be familiar with the characteristics of JavaScript as a language and will be able to use it both as an object-oriented and as a functional programming language.

Target group

The course is aimed at software developers and architects with strong skills in a programming language such as Java or C#. Basic web development knowledge is an advantage.

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