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Distributed projects – crafting the best solutions over the globe  

Did you get a chance to work with colleagues from different countries or continents? At Zühlke, our daily work is colored with different cultures and locations. A distributed setup is something we deal with every day and there are a lot of anecdotes and lessons learned to be shared. Join us for our first global webinar where you can draw from our experts' extensive experience with distributed projects and learn from their insights.



  • Short intro - 5 min

  • Meet the speakers - 10 min

  • Roundtable discussion – 30 min

    • The increased relevance and benefits of distributed projects
    • Anecdotes, learnings & best practices
    • Cultivating a global company culture in distributed teams
  • Q&A - 15 min


Join us on 2 December at 10 AM (UTC) / 11 АМ (UTC+1) / 6 PM (UTC+8).

About the speakers


Karen Chi

Professional Usability Engineer
Contact person for Hong Kong

Karen is a UIUX designer with over five years of experience in the software development industry. Based in Hong Kong, she has the opportunity to work in a diverse and multicultural environment with people from all over the world.


Markus Rehrs

Principal Consultant
Contact person for Germany

Markus Rehrs' responsibility as a Principal Consultant at Zühlke is the conceptual design and implementation of complex applications and systems based on Microsoft technologies. He has been professionally developing software for more than 15 years. His experience ranges from embedded development to enterprise software and cloud systems in various industries. His passion is particularly focused on the large area of the Internet of Things, where he accompanies projects from the first breakthrough to productive implementation. Markus holds a degree (FH) in medical technology in the field of medical informatics.


Tijana Krstajic

Lead Project Manager
Contact person for Serbia

Tijana Krstajic is an experienced Project Manager, a certified Scrum Master, focusing on Scrum and Agile frameworks, Service Management and Operational Process Design. She is passionate about working with teams and bringing forward new practices and collaboration capabilities.

Neelesh Sonawane

Neelesh Sonawane

Principal Consultant
Contact person for United Kingdom

I was dead set keen on becoming an Electronics Engineer until I realised it was more the creation and crafting aspect that drew me to the subject, so I pivoted and studied Design. This fusion of interests though has always driven me to the meeting places of technology and design, of engineering and creativity, and early in my career I’ve taken on roles where the final realisation of design is as important as the design itself – understanding needs, developing concepts, ensuring integrity of the design in build, and following on to learn how improvements can be made. 20 odd years on, I’m still improving.