Digitalisation of claim process

Digitalization of the claims process

While complex damage calls for personal support, minor damage needs to be processed in an uncomplicated manner. This is where insurers offering an automated service for can score extra points and strengthen the customer relationship

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Executive Summary

Insurers suffer from a chronic lack of closeness to their customers. For example, customers might only visit their insurer’s website once a year, such as to extend or switch contracts. Claims are submitted via digital channels even less often. In addition to being the main reason for getting in touch, the claims process is also the point at which the customer finds out whether their insurance company will actually keep their promise to support them. It’s a moment of truth for customers.

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Lukas Urech Zühlke

Lukas Urech

Director Business Development
Contact person for Switzerland

For more than 20 years Lukas Urech has been helping companies implement digitalisation projects. He joined Zühlke in August 2016 and is responsible for the insurance business as Director Business Development. Lukas holds a MASt in General Management from ETH Zurich and specialises in solution-orientated business development. Creating value for customers is his number one priority.