Demystifying the World of Digital Ecosystems in Insurance

Innovation Talks @ Zuhlke

Digital ecosystems have gained rising momentum in the last few years with new partnerships forming, and especially so as traditional insurance industry borders fall away. In the new normal market where lines between industries are becoming increasingly blurred, how can insurers adapt to the new business models and thrive as a powerful player in the ecosystem environment?

As the shift to online is accelerated tremendously, so are customers’ expectations on ease and accessibility of the multi-channel services they need, both online or offline. Choosing the right partners and ecosystem strategy is becoming extremely important in terms of value creation, commercial success, and business growth.

In this Innovation Talks @Zuhlke webinar series, Zuhlke has invited insurance thought leaders to dive deeper into this buzz topic and discuss the opportunities and challenges that the platform economy offers for insurance companies. Join Swiss Re and Aegon in a panel discussion moderated by Zuhlke — to learn, discuss, and be inspired with practical insights on the evolving insurance ecosystems.

In this session, we discussed:

  • Rising significance of the ecosystems in the new normal market
  • What are the possible ecosystem strategies for insurers?
  • How to build trust in the ecosystem and why data sharing is one of the key factors in the ecosystem’s success?
  • What is needed for a successful partnership?
  • Digital enablers of ecosystems: data, APIs, security, etc.
Connie Yeung
Contact person for Hong Kong

Connie Yeung

Business Development Manager

Connie oversees the Insurance and other key business verticals in Hong Kong. She has over 10 years of experience working in both Finance and IT industry, supporting a wide range of organisations including Fortune 500 clients. With that, she has gained extensive insight into how enterprises can create better business outcomes with digital innovation. Connie is also active in foundations supporting initiatives on women leadership and women in IT.

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