Crisis as a Catalyst for Insurance Digitalisation

Crisis as a Catalyst for Insurance Digitalisation Live Panel


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The current crisis has a transformative impact on the way we live and work, redefining what “normal” means, and exponentially accelerating digital adoption across all areas of our lives. The market situation and your customer needs are changing quickly, so should your organisation.

While digitalisation was one out of many topics on the insurer’s agenda, it is now imperative to put your digital transformation at the top of the list. It’s time to accept the New Normal and learn how to thrive in it. Those who seize the opportunities in times of crisis will reap the rewards in the near future with more satisfied customers, lower operating costs, and accelerated growth in a reborn industry.

Watch on-demand webinar featuring insurance experts from Zuhlke Engineering, Lukas Urech and Polina Milashevskaya, together with Jacob Sacuto, InsurTech Co-Chair at FinTech Association of Hong Kong, at our Evening Talks @Zuhlke webinar series and be inspired with insights on the current evolving situation. In this session, we will discuss how insurers can rethink strategies and leverage on digital initiatives to minimise impact on their critical business functions, emerging from the crisis stronger than before.

This webinar is intended to provide insurance business leaders with a perspective on:

  • Understanding and embracing the New Normal
  • Identifying new habits and new trends
  • Emerging opportunities and new business cases for insurance digitalisation in Asia and Europe

Featuring Speakers

  • Jacob Sacuto, InsurTech Co-Chair at FinTech Association of Hong Kong
  • Lukas Urech, Director of Business Development, Zuhlke
  • Polina Milashevskaya, Business Development Manager, Zuhlke
Zuhlke - Peter Haarmark

Peter Haarmark

Insurance Practice Lead, Business Development Manager
Contact person for Singapore

Leading Insurance at Zühlke Singapore, Peter Haarmark has over 15 years of experience working in cross-functional roles in tech start- ups and global companies. Before joining Zühlke, Peter worked for a large Danish insurer in Europe and also created the commercial insurance offering for a leading cloud- based corporate services provider in Singapore. Peter holds the General Insurance License from Singapore College of Insurance.

Julie Pourtois Zühlke

Julie Pourtois

Director Business Development
Contact person for Hong Kong

Julie Pourtois joined Zuhlke in 2020, heading the Business Development team in Hong Kong. Bringing with her over 15 years of experience in the tech industry, Julie oversees Zuhlke’s market positioning and customer portfolio across regional markets and industries in Asia. Julie strives to positively impact and uplift organisations, teams, and the larger communities she engages actively with.