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Covid 19: The New Normal

The current situation around COVID-19 challenges us all. What does this crisis mean for your industry and your company? Which measures make sense in the short term and what will change in the long term?

Our specialists provide answers, present insights and are at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time! We are there for you.

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Webcast Recordings

Insurance Digitalisation Webcast Recording

This webcast is intended to provide insurance business leaders with a perspective on:

  • Understanding and embracing the New Normal
  • Identifying new habits and new trends
  • Emerging opportunities and new business cases for insurance digitalisation in Asia and Europe

Open Banking Webcast

On this panel discussion, we took in questions from the audience and discussed topics around:

  • What can we learn from what has been done in UK?
  • State of open banking in Asia
  • Expert insights, solutions, and experience of working/building open banking solutions
  • Challenges of building open banking solutions in each region
  • Use cases of open banking across borders
  • Technology readiness and regulators

Startups and Big Corporates - a marriage counselling

Collaborating with big corporates is a good way for startups to increase their chance for a long term success. Especially in industries with high market-entrance barriers, like Pharma or MedTech, corporates can bring in essential capital, experience and industrialization-power. Nevertheless, only a fraction of all startups collaborate with corporates and half of them (according to Boston Consulting) are unsatisfied with their partnership.

In this webinar we want to talk about expectations, cultural differences, collaboration and the relationship between startups and corporates from a neutral point of view.

Zühlke Webcast - Machine Learning for Health: Bridging the Gap between Research and Medical Practice

In this Webcast we will show how AI projects can be executed in a regulated setting. We will talk about the specifics of a medical Machine Learning project and how the Data Science Process needs to be adapted at each phase to satisfy regulatory requirements.

We will cover the following topics for AI in health:

  • Example Applications: Computer Vision, NLP and Time Series
  • Norms & Guidelines
  • Verification & Validation
  • Software Development Process
  • Data Science Process & Best Practices
  • Explainable AI


    • Dr. Gabriel Krummenacher, Lead Data Science Team at Zühlke Engineering AG
    • Uwe Szymanski, Lead Architect Embedded Software at Zühlke Engineering AG

    Recruiting Information

    The health of our employees and applicants is our highest priority. Therefore, we have adjusted our recruiting process in light of the current situation, and are holding interviews remotely. We are nevertheless still looking forward to receiving your application and getting to know you.

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    More information about the recruiting process in the several countries: