Zuhlke UK supports COP26: Committing to build sustainable products and solutions

In November, the world community will gather in Scotland at the UN’s 26th Conference of Parties (COP26). Our CEO Wolfgang Emmerich explains why we’re proud to support COP26 and are committed to a building sustainable products and solutions.

Wolfgang Emmerich, CEO said: “Building a sustainable future, both for individual businesses and society at large, is anchored in the mission statement of the Zuhlke Group. Our consultants have a long-standing track record in building innovative solutions for European energy operators. We are proud to support COP26 by co-organising this important workshop.”

Wolfgang Emmerich

CEO UK & Partner


Building positive impact through building sustainable products and
solutions for our clients

The Climate Crisis and environmental pollution are two of the biggest challenges our society is facing. An increasing part of the population of modern society is deeply concerned with these issues, especially amongst the young, and is looking for action - including consumers, employees, and investors.

In response to this pressure, governments are requiring companies to take responsibility for the whole lifecycle of their products, including disposal, recycling, and “right to repair.” For many companies, this reverses a trend to disposability that has been accelerating since the sixties; it’s a critical change. Now companies are increasingly being forced to understand the long-term environmental impact of their products’ manufacture, use, and final disposal. They must become part of the Circular Economy.

Our Sustainability Innovation services provide expertise and structure to help your company make a positive impact on the world faster while improving its competitiveness.

The race to meet UK’s net zero goals through data and digital

Customers partnering with Zuhlke to create a sustainable future