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Tech Lead for Java Technologies

70- 100%
Hanover - Germany
Software Engineering
What your job will involve: 
  • As a developer, you will be a role model for your project team and you will inspire with your enthusiasm and professionalism. You will achieve what you set out to do, without jeopardising quality, and you will make important decisions collaboratively – making sure that your own views are not the main focus. 
  • Together, you will develop bespoke products for the insurance, financial services and mechanical engineering industries. The main focus of our solutions is to provide business value for customers and good user experience for end customers.
  • Continuous learning will be an essential part of your work. You will identify your own personal training needs and be a career coach, advising individual colleagues about specialist training.
  • Within a project, you will develop an in-depth understanding of its domains and requirements. You will be happy to share your valuable experience with customers and give them specialist advice. You will also get the opportunity to share your knowledge internally as part of gatherings, dojos and technology camps – locally with your team, but also internationally within the Zühlke Group.

What you should offer:
  • Software development with a current Java stack is a particular hobby of yours (Java 8+, Spring Framework, Spring Boot). You have a good awareness of what quality means and the skills required to achieve it, such as testing on different levels in an agile environment and test automation.
  • You have a wealth of experience in both frontend and backend. In backend, you have specialised primarily in the implementation of modern software architectures, such as hexagonal architecture, microservices or cloud native, and you are familiar with current data persistence technologies (SQL databases, Hibernate and NoSQL databases). You also have a good understanding of data modelling and API design.
  • You specialise in frontend and bring experience with modern web application frameworks like React or Angular. Cloud-based technologies like AWS and Kubernetes are nothing new for you. DevOps is in your DNA and you are proficient in the development, use and operation of a system.
  • A degree from a university or university of applied science in the area of IT or a comparable course of study is essential for this role, in addition to fluency in German and good English.

What we offer:
Recognised as one of the best employers in Germany, Zühlke will support your success with its unique corporate culture. We consider it important to encourage you to further your career by offering ongoing, high-quality training. We take an interdisciplinary approach, regularly exchanging information and learning from each other in an environment that values open communication, honest self-appraisal and teamwork. We also offer an attractive benefits package, modern workplaces and a shared passion for giving our best every day!

What else you can expect:
  • A culture of open feedback for your career goals: we offer you an open and constructive feedback meeting every six months to ensure that your future career path is successful.
  • A family-friendly approach: on request, you may reduce your working hours to 80%, take unpaid leave or work from home. We offer care solutions in the event of family emergencies. We also provide a kindergarten allowance and 10 days unpaid leave if your child is ill.
  • Working environment: for us, professional cooperation and cordial relations between colleagues is a top priority. You will find experts in every department who are available to give you personal or technical advice. This means that you can develop solutions together and learn from each other.

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70- 100%