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Software Engineer for medical products

Frankfurt - Germany
Software Engineering
What your job will involve:
  • You will develop software for medical products or laboratory automation systems - in accordance with the respective laws and standards.
  • You will be actively involved in software design and architecture, driven by user requirements or technical specifications.
  • You will be responsible for minimizing technical risks, employing methods such as code reviews, unit testing and pair programming.
  • You will cooperate closely with other developers and disciplines, such as electronics and UX.

What you should offer:
  • You have a technical degree, ideally in computer science or software engineering.
  • You have at least five years of in-depth experience with firmware development for medical devices or at least for similarly safety-critical systems.
  • You have acquired sound knowledge of and experience with the foundational technologies, e.g. microcontrollers and connectivity.
  • You have good command of C++ and its ecosystem, including modern C++, but you can also switch back to C on demand (e.g. for very small controllers). Experience with other languages that are deemed suitable for safety-critical systems, e.g. Ada or Rust, is a bonus.
  • You have a deep understanding of the prerequisites of safety-critical engineering; applying the respective best practices comes natural to you.
  • You understand the great importance of good documentation, traceability, configuration management and similar formalities.
  • You have solid social skills and are able to communicate with customers, partners, managers and colleagues on an equal footing in fluent German and good technical English.

What we offer:
Zühlke will support your success with a unique corporate culture for which we have been recognised as one of the best employers in Germany. It is important to us that we help you develop and improve with continuous, high-quality training. We take an interdisciplinary approach and we regularly share experiences and learn from one another. At Zühlke, you will appreciate how we all communicate openly, are honest about our abilities and enjoy working as a team. Last but not least, we offer an attractive remuneration package and a modern working environment, and we are all committed to bettering ourselves each day.

You can also look forward to
  • Work-life balance: we can offer you flexitime and opportunities to work from home. You can have extra hours paid out as overtime or take them off as holiday during less busy periods.
  • Freedom & autonomy: our trusting management style gives you the freedom to make decisions autonomously. Our employees get the opportunity to put forward their own ideas and play an active part in shaping our business.
  • Working environment: a friendly, professional approach is our top priority. With us, you can expect interdisciplinary collaboration with helpful and committed colleagues.

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