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Software Architect – Java/Cloud - Remote

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Remote Germany - Germany
Software Engineering
Meaningful work can happen anywhere! We truly believe that it’s not where you are in Germany that matters – what counts is your passion for innovation, technology and agile collaboration within a community and a culture that promote open exchange.
In this virtual department, you collaborate with colleagues from the entire Zühlke Group on exciting innovation projects for our customers. No matter where you live. At the same time, within the department, you work in a team with no direct line managers and with the freedom to make your own organisational decisions and help shape our processes. The virtual department is based on communication, responsibility, cooperation and solidarity, enabling independent working methods within a supportive corporate structure and established processes. 
Would you like to work with a virtual team which is shaping the future of Zühlke? Then we look forward to hearing from you!

What your Job will involve:
  • As a cloud expert, you and your team will be responsible for developing sustainable, cost-effective cloud architectures. You will then use your skills and experience to help your team put them into practice or to advise on projects. You will weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of the various technologies offered by cloud providers (AWS/GCP) in order to achieve the best possible implementation for our customers.
  • As a Java expert, you will take the role of lead developer on projects and be responsible for the architecture of the innovative and complex software solutions that we develop for our customers. During this, you will never lose sight of the technological aspects and will enjoy being involved in the development process. For you, the quality of the software will be top priority.
  • As Tech Lead, you will be responsible for the technical management of your team and will use your strong communication skills to create a collaborative environment and provide them with support and advice. Together, you will develop tailored products for the consumer goods, medical technology, and mechanical engineering sectors. Our solutions are aimed at generating economic value for the customer and improving UX for the end customer.
  • Our customers operate in a diverse range of sectors and, as a result, you will develop a deep understanding of the different domains and their respective requirements while working on projects. You will gladly use this knowledge to help customers to push ahead with their vision and to advise them on the technical implementation.
  • As part of the Zühlke Tech Lead community, you will share your knowledge at gatherings, dojos, and technology camps with techies from all the other locations in the Zühlke Group – both in Germany and internationally.

What you offer:
  • You have a degree in (applied) computer science and several years of experience in Java (Java 8+, Spring Framework, Spring Boot) software development.
  • You know the key services (compute, networking, storage, API, serverless, databases) offered by cloud providers (AWS/GPC) inside out and already have experience in the development and operation of cloud architectures.
  • You are familiar with the use of containers based on Docker, Kubernetes or ECS.
  • Your repertoire also includes popular database technologies (SQL and NoSQL) and you have a solid understanding of technical data modelling.
  • You know how to integrate modern architecture patterns like hexagonal architectures or microservices correctly and how to apply and implement them at the right time.
  • Professional API design (synchronous and asynchronous) and its technical implementation based on REST, GraphQL or gRPC are everyday tasks for you.
  • You understand how to deal with issues like architecture decisions, trade-offs and risk.
  • For you, open feedback and continuous professional development, as well as courage and trust, are all part of your daily work.
  • In addition to back end, you also have experience in front end development and you understand terms like SPA, Websocket, AJAX, Micro Frontend or the ‘Backend for Frontend’ pattern.
  • You have already gained some experience in the technical management of small teams.
  • A place of residence in Germany and a business-fluent knowledge of German and very good English are required.

What we offer:
Recognised as one of the best employers in Germany, Zühlke will support your success with its unique corporate culture. We offer ongoing, high-quality training to further your career. We take an interdisciplinary approach, regularly exchanging information and learning from each other in an environment that values open communication, honest self-appraisal and teamwork. We also offer an attractive benefits package, modern workplaces and a shared passion for giving our best every day!

What else you can expect:
  • Feedback culture that helps you achieve your career goals: we offer you an open, constructive feedback discussion to ensure your success.
  • Family-friendly culture: if necessary, you can arrange to reduce your hours, take unpaid leave or work from home. In addition, we offer care solutions in family emergencies. We also contribute towards the cost of childcare.
  • Working environment: maintaining a professional, friendly environment is our top priority. You will always find experts in every department who are happy to help with personal or technical advice. This allows you to work together to develop solutions and learn from one another
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80-100 %
Remote Germany