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Our culture

Welcome to Zühlke. We’re here to help organisations turn opportunity into impact. How? We hire talented people, we partner with organisations serious about change, and we create an environment where everyone can do their best work.  

We’re a technology and transformation partner. Clients come to us when they’re looking to deliver positive  change for their business, communities, and the world around us. We’re looking for talented people who believe tech and innovation can be a powerful force for positive impact. And want to join us in finding bigger and better solutions. With a culture built on mutual trust and constant curiosity, what could you build with us?

What makes working at Zühlke unique?

Hear it straight from our colleagues.

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Rachael + Raul on trust and flexibility
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Maurice + Linda on shaping the future
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Sandra + Kevin on continuous learning
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Neil + Jess on sustainability
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Kaushal + Alan embracing faults

The power of partnership

See what we do

We believe great things happen in partnership. That’s why we work with ambitious clients who want to deliver positive, tangible change.

Explore the type of work you could do

Working across the world and in most major sectors, we can offer real variety in your experience at Zühlke. Clients choose us for our innovative and transformational work and that means a real diversity of challenges and opportunities. See some of our recent projects and find out what you could be working on:

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Our teams

Collaboration between teams, and across borders and disciplines, is key to how we deliver impact for clients. We bring together all kinds of skillsets, from software engineering and data science to consulting and design, to develop solutions to some of the world’s most interesting challenges. See which team best matches your ambitions:

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Your success, our success, and our clients’ success is deeply connected to the world around us. We believe we have the ability and therefore the responsibility to co-create better solutions to the world’s challenges. It’s a core part of who we are, and you can find out the specifics of how we do it here:

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Diversity & inclusion

DE&I is in our DNA. We pride ourselves on creating a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone can be at their best and feels they belong. We believe that a highly diverse workforce, supported by an inclusive culture, enables us to realise our full potential. It’s paramount to our clients’ success and our success in turn. See what this means in practice:

Shape our future

As we grow and work with clients across more sectors and geographies, now is an exciting time to join us. We’re focussed on the future we want to build and you’ll have a real opportunity to shape what that looks like. Discover our current opportunities:

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