Lead System Architect / device development in the field of electronics, software and mechanics

Product Engineering

Join Zühlke as a Lead System Architect

Join our team as a Lead System Architect to develop cool new products with the wow factor! Our systems are mostly comprised of mechanical, electronic and software components, meaning they are mechatronic or electromechanical systems. As a Lead System Architect, your task is to find the best solution for a given problem. Not only does the product need to be developed right – the right product needs to be developed!

Our motto is “We deliver!”

What do we mean by that? We deliver on our promises and we don’t just stop after the proof of concept: Zühlke develops products and services that are actually used in the real world. And we even improve upon our implemented solutions after they are put into operation. We don’t even need to mention quality, because at Zühlke, quality is a matter of course.

Our projects

At Zühlke, systems development takes place across a wide range of industries. We develop medical devices, consumer goods and smaller equipment. And the motivation behind our development projects is as varied as the projects themselves. No matter whether it’s a completely new product idea, value engineering or design for sustainability, our effective interdisciplinary team offers a decisive competitive advantage. And that’s something our employees appreciate as much as our customers.

Our employees  

Our team is as diverse as the projects we work on. At Zühlke, diversity not only refers to different genders, countries of origin and ages, but also the academic backgrounds of our team members. But what they all have in common is a strong interest in what drives innovation. And a willingness to delve deep into the topics that matter to our customers. We’re proud of our agile mindset. We are constantly trying to improve, and we use the right engineering and collaboration methods for the project and customer to do just that. 

What we offer

Our projects are usually significant and often critical to the success of our customers. We might work for a major corporation one day and for a start-up the next. This means that we have a wide range of tasks, and you will have plenty of opportunities to learn new things. We also facilitate personal development through peer-to-peer mentoring and topic teams, in which system architects, mechanical developers, electronics developers, software developers, test managers, usability experts and project managers, for example, discuss their experience across locations and projects.

Key qualifications

In a dual role as a system architect and the head of your team, you will combine your specialist qualifications with managerial responsibility:

  • You have a degree in mechatronics, physics or a similar field of study, along with many years of professional experience.
  • Through your leadership skills, you are able to inspire and mobilise your interdisciplinary team and acquire customers.
  • In workshops – both internal with Zühlke colleagues and external with our customers – you are able to confidently guide the team so they can reach their goal.
  • Your profile is rounded off with proficiency in German and a very good command of English.
  • Thanks to your many years of experience in equipment development across the entire product lifecycle, you know at the start of a project what will matter at the end.
  • You can model fundamental effects in physical systems (e.g. SysML, functional-structural modelling) and you’re familiar with standard equipment sensors and actuators for mechanical and thermal parameters in order to set the standards for system design over the long term.
  • You can read technical drawings and wiring diagrams. Ideally, you will have experience with M-CAD (SolidWorks, Creo) or E-CAD (Altium Designer) software.

What it’s like to work at Zühlke

At Zühlke, we encourage a growth mindset and foster our employees’ success through continuous professional development and coaching in order to further your career, develop your skills, and help you grow as a person. We regularly exchange ideas, give each other feedback and learn from one another. Open communication is important to us.
Plus, we offer an attractive remuneration package and a shared passion for giving your best every single day.
  • Flexible work models
  • Profit-sharing bonuses
  • A family-friendly workplace
  • Initiatives for health and wellbeing
  • Self-management and the opportunity to take responsibility and rise to new challenges
  • Unique events and team-building opportunities

 A great way to work, don’t you think?

Barbara Ferrandina

Barbara Ferrandina

Recruiting & Talent Relations