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Lead Delivery Manager

London - United Kingdom
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Project Management

The Opportunity.  
We are looking for a Lead Delivery Manager with a hands-on technical background and an in-depth knowledge of Agile approaches such as Lean Portfolio Management, Continuous Discovery, Lean UX, Scrum, Kanban, Test Driven Development, DevOps, and Continuous Integration & Delivery. As Lead Delivery Manager you will lead programmes delivering high quality products and services that deliver business value for our clients and their customers.    

What working at Zuhlke is all about.  
At Zuhlke, we inspire our customers in transforming their visions and ideas into tangible solutions with passion and know-how. Our most valuable asset is our people, we value our people, and we’re working hard to ensure we create the right working environment so that we can all excel at what we do. Working collaboratively and collectively, solving problems for companies around the world, we unleash the power of human creativity and technical excellence. Zuhlke UK  
Projects for purpose  
We have made it our mission to give our work a deeper meaning. That's why our teams are always focused on creating real positive change for business and society through technology and digital innovation.   
Flexible working  
We offer a variety of flexible working options to cater to people’s needs. With compressed hours, remote, hybrid, in office and part-time all being viable options dependent on project requirements and specific role expectations.  
As one of our top strategic goals, we’re devoted to sustainability. Not only are we net-zero as a business ourselves, but we are also strategically positioning our business offerings in the area of decarbonisation and green energy and to help clients develop sustainable digital solutions.  
Growth mindset  
We have a strong learning culture. 10% of our annual turnover is dedicated to the continuous training and development of our skills and capabilities. We also hold a ‘Zuhlke camp’ annually, where we can learn from each other and have fun!  
Diversity and inclusion  
For us, diversity means people working together in teams whose uniqueness and differences enable them to achieve the best possible results. We are constantly looking to improve on how best to further diversity and become more inclusive.  
Core Values  
Our core values are integrity, courage, customer success, and top performance. We look for individuals who live these values, we encourage each other as colleagues to consistently align with our values and we ensure these values are engrained in all that we do at Zuhlke.  
Your role includes.  

  • You will build and develop highly skilled, motivated teams that provide an end-to-end delivery capability from experience design to engineering and operations. 

  • You will work collaboratively with your colleagues and clients, be it on the client site, in the Zuhlke office, or from home.  

  • You are responsible for managing and building strong relationships with key customer stakeholders. 

  • You are responsible for the overall project budgets and will work closely with our engagement managers to ensure commercial success. 

  • You will track and manage project risks and dependencies and will escalate issues when necessary. 

  • You will work with our Business Development team to support pre-sales opportunities. 

  • You will sometimes travel to other locations in the UK and mainland Europe.  

We would love to hear from you, if you have ANY of the following...   

  • You will have experience in starting projects, using techniques such as chartering to set up teams to succeed.  

  • You have proven your excellent leadership, communication and stakeholder management skills in a range of successful software development projects.    

  • You have experience in forming and guiding high performance, cross-functional teams, and you handle uncertainty through organisation-wide Agile adoption strategies.   

  • You have experience in multiple planning and estimating techniques. 

  • You thrive in managing uncertainty in complex environments.        

  • You follow goal-oriented and structured approaches for programme management, including preparing and maintaining delivery plans, portfolio and programme backlogs, risk registers, stakeholder maps and RACI matrices.   

  • You have experience of operating customer-facing digital services in production, including 24/7 incident management within operational SLAs.  

  • You are familiar with service design, user-centred business analysis, quality assurance and service management.  

  • You are confident to be a mentor and help grow Zuhlke’s Delivery Manager capability. 


  • You’re open, proactive, responding to changes quickly and with agility while learning in the process  

  • You maximise benefit as simply as possible but as complexly as needed  

  • You recognise and seize opportunities confidently and take an entrepreneurial approach  

  • You focus on the customer and guide them from the concept phase through to market success   

  • You’re able to persuade people through clear communication, negotiation skills, empathy and an ability to see things from others’ perspective  

  • You establish long-term, partnership-oriented relationships and develop and maintain them  

  • You think and act in the interests of the organisation as a whole and utilise synergies  

  • You take personal initiative in confronting obstacles and failures, have an optimistic overall attitude and take measures to ensure performance in the long term  

Even if you feel you don't meet all the requirements yet, we are still happy to get to know you, learn more about your ambitions and ideas and look forward to receiving your application!  
We welcome people from all backgrounds, regardless of their gender, personality, national origin, race, religion, colour, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital status, disability or veteran status.  

London ,  Manchester ,  Edinburgh

Mark Trueman

Recruiting & Talent Relations