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Data & AI

At Zühlke, you are where innovation happens. We focus on teamwork, agile collaboration, and leading technologies to shape the future and challenge the status quo. We like to break down barriers and explore new territory. This is how we innovate. Our creativity, our skills and our energy enable us to turn intelligent ideas into valuable solutions - solutions that help our clients bring innovative, effective, and sustainable products, solutions, and processes to the marketplace. At Zühlke, we are driven by «empowering ideas».

We are in search of a visionary leader to assume the role of Global Head of Data & AI Consulting Practice. In this pivotal position, you will play a crucial role in shaping and executing our global Data & AI consulting strategy. Our unique approach at Zühlke involves the seamless collaboration between data scientists and engineers, making No-Nonsense impactful solutions a reality.   

How you will make an impact

Strategic Leadership:

  • Define the Practice strategy aligned with the organisation’s overall strategy.
  • Define the practice's long-term goals, objectives, and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Define adequate substructure in the Practice People Leadership.

People Leadership

  • Provide strong leadership and guidance, fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation and excellence.
  • Continuously assess and manage the performance of team members, providing regular feedback and coaching to drive professional growth.

Operational Excellence:

  • Define and implement best practices, methodologies, and standards for the Practice Manage skills & capabilities. (ensuring the right people, with the right skills in the right quantity).

Business development:

  • Create an environment that supports the team in identifying emerging trends, technologies, and market opportunities within the practice.
  • Ensure thought leadership within & outside of Zühlke Support in winning clients in close interaction with Market Units.

Financial Management:

  • Drive revenue growth by identifying and capitalizing on opportunities that align with Zühlke's commitment to diverse and impactful projects.
  • Manage the financial performance of the Data & AI Consulting Practice, aligning with Zühlke's focus on commercially sound solutions.


  • Collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams, integrating Zühlke's interdisciplinary approach, involving Data & AI specialists in early project stages to evaluate the feasibility of solutions.
  • Foster collaboration with colleagues from Software Engineering, DevOps, UX departments, and customer representatives, embodying Zühlke's commitment to varied, interdisciplinary teamwork. 

What matters to us

  • Proven leadership in global Data & AI consulting, with a track record of successfully navigating the complexities and nuances of diverse international markets. 
  • Global experience in leading and managing teams across multiple geographies, fostering a culture of inclusion, collaboration, and excellence. 
  • In-depth understanding of agile processes and the ability to champion interdisciplinary collaboration on a global scale. 

  • Demonstrated success in business development with a focus on diverse and impactful projects in various regions and industries. 

  • Excellent communication skills to effectively convey unique approaches to clients and internal teams across different cultural and linguistic contexts. 

You can't cover everything? No problem. We don't expect you to be able to do everything, but rather to apply your knowledge in a targeted manner and to work with your colleagues and clients on an equal footing. Specialized knowledge is just as important as openness and last but not least your ability and interest in learning and applying new things. 

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Stuttgart ,  Remote Germany ,  Hanover ,  Munich ,  Hamburg ,  Frankfurt

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