DevOps Expert - Focus Enterprise / Cloud (all genders)

Frankfurt ,  Hanover
Dev Ops
What your job will involve?
  •  You will be an asset to our development teams across a range of enterprise projects. Your responsibilities will include drawing up the complete infrastructure for development, from VMs or ‘DevPacks’ via server infrastructure (CI server, issue tracking, information radiators, etc.) or defining and implementing branching workflows and continuous delivery pipelines.
  • Depending on the project you will work with tools like Vagrant, Packer, Chef, Docker and others to create the infrastructure and then configure it in AWS, Azure or on-premise.
  • In addition to project work you will support the DevOps topic team in consolidating recurring patterns from different projects and manifesting them in reusable artefacts.

What you should offer:
  • You have a degree in (applied) information technology and several years’ experience in software development in the enterprise or cloud environment, e.g. with Java, C# or functional languages.
  • You have always had an affinity for applications on Linux and Windows systems.
  • You’re all about continuous delivery. The interface between agile development teams and operations is where you feel at home. You are enthusiastic about current cloud technologies such as Azure, AWS and OpenStack.
  • You have very good knowledge in the areas of ‘infrastructure as code’, virtualisation, configuration management, continuous integration and delivery, and you are proficient in the corresponding tools, like Vagrant, Docker, Chef, Puppet and Ansible.
  • You have experience with automation and creating scripts, both in Windows and Linux (cmd, bash, etc.).
  • Very good German and English add the finishing touch to your profile.

What we offer:
Recognised as one of the best employers in Germany, Zühlke will support your success with its unique corporate culture. We offer ongoing, high-quality training to further your career. We take an interdisciplinary approach, regularly exchanging information and learning from each other in an environment that values open communication, honest self-appraisal and teamwork. We also offer an attractive benefits package, modern workplaces and a shared passion for giving our best every day!

What else you can expect:
  • close cooperation within a dynamic, motivated team
  • a great range of health and fitness benefits
  • a workplace with a culture of trust which offers you plenty of creative freedom

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Frankfurt ,  Hanover