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DevOps Engineer - Enterprise / Cloud

Hanover - Germany
Hamburg - Germany
Munich - Germany
You build it, you run it!

What your job will involve:
  • As part of an experienced and agile project team, you develop innovative software products and introduce the operational requirements in our customer projects.
  • You live according to the philosophy that software should be looked at in its entirety. You are responsible for the life cycle of a product or application, from its development through to its operation, as well as for resolving faults.
  • Your passion for building and continuously optimising the automation of builds, deployments, testing, and monitoring makes you an asset to our development team in diverse enterprise projects.
  • As a coach or enabler, you’re able to convince not only the development team but also our customers of the DevOps philosophy, and create noticeable added value for the project.
What you should offer:
  • You have a degree in (applied) computer science and several years of experience in full-stack development in an enterprise or cloud environment, e.g. with Java, .NET, AWS, or Azure.
  • You’re well versed in infrastructure as code, virtualisation, and configuration management, and are proficient in the relevant tools such as Kubernetes, Docker, Chef, Ansible, Terraform, or Pulumi.
  • Continuous integration and delivery is your strong point. You are proficient in tools such as Azure DevOps, AWS, Bitbucket, or Jenkins.
  • Your profile is rounded off with an excellent command of German and English.

What we offer:
Recognised as one of the best employers in Germany, Zühlke will support your success with its unique corporate culture. We offer ongoing, high-quality training to further your career. We take an interdisciplinary approach, regularly exchanging information and learning from each other in an environment that values open communication, honest self-appraisal and teamwork. We also offer an attractive benefits package, modern workplaces and a shared passion for giving our best every day!

What else you can expect:
  • Family-oriented: It is possible to reduce working hours to 80 percent, take unpaid leave or work from home. In family emergencies we offer care solutions. We also offer a pre-school childcare allowance and 10 days unpaid leave if your child is ill.
  • Zühlke Camp: One of the most important events in our company.Spend three days dealing with new technologies that you are interested in and networking with colleagues from other locations.
  • Knowledge sharing: Knowledge sharing is an integral part of our Zühlke culture. Zühlke employs experts in a variety of fields. Regular meetings, Fritalks and Topic Teams are a part of our daily work to enable exchange and personal and professional growth.

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Hanover ,  Hamburg ,  Munich