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Zuhlke Engineering is an international consultancy that helps companies achieve success by turning ideas into real-life results. To do this, we provide interdisciplinary teams, currently across Europe and Asia, to work closely with our customers to deliver solutions.  In the UK, we support digital innovation and embedded software. Across the group, we cover digital systems, Internet-connected devices, and physical product design (embedded and mechatronics).   

Our clients range from the largest multinationals to start-ups: what they have in common is the need for a partner who can be trusted to deliver effectively.  

1. Organisation 
Line management is defined in the Group Org Chart. The BSM Enterprise reports to the Director of the Enterprise Solution Centre, which is part of the Customer Solutions organisation. 

2. Delegation

In case of absences, other members of the ZUK management team can represent the BSM Enterprise. Normally this would be the Director of the Enterprise Solution Centre. 

3. Aims and Objectives of the Role

The BSM’s main responsibility is to ensure that the engagements that they manage deliver against the order/contract that we agreed with the client. The BSM is responsible for securing a high level of client satisfaction in their engagements. They ensure that projects are well managed with respect to cost, quality and schedule and that they deliver the required value to our clients.
Acquisition of new projects is an important part of this role. The BSM participates in sales activities in conjunction with Business Developers and for small engagements potentially alone. The BSM provides a contribution to the utilisation of the staff in Competence Units, which are orthogonal to the Solution Centres. 

The BSM will also work on the definition and creation of new solutions that are reusable in multiple different client settings and different domains. This helps ensure that Zuhlke is positioned increasingly as a solution provider. A BSM may be responsible for one particular solution.
To help ensure a successful delivery, the BSM will collaborate closely with any assigned project managers and the entire project team. 


4.1 Main Tasks
  • Acquisition of new and continuation of existing engagements through joint sales activity with a Business Developer. During the sales process the BSM is responsible for, but does not necessarily carry out, the choice of solution, scope definition, cost estimation and project planning. 
  • Account management within existing clients jointly with a Business Developer in order to identify new business opportunities with selected clients. 
  • Managing of all their engagements, including representation on steering committees and providing a first escalation point after operational project management. Ensures that the project delivers the expected value for clients and that it solves the client’s business problem.
  • Ensures that their engagements remain within their budgets, that delivery quality meets the levels required by the client and that the delivery schedule is met. The BSM might delegate the operational management of some of these responsibilities to a project manager, but remains fundamentally responsible for them. 
  • Drives or supports the development of reusable solutions within the Solution Centre Enterprise. Works closely with business development in order to ensure we develop solutions that will be in demand in the market and which address the needs of clients. 
  • Representation of Zuhlke in client meetings, at networking functions and at technical events and exhibitions. 
4.2 Special Tasks

Work load permitting, the BSM may assign themselves in engagements as project manager, consultant or other capacity that is billable to clients. 
4.3 Management tasks
  • Commercial responsibility for the client projects in their engagement portfolio.
  • Direction of the Zuhlke staff and contractors who are assigned to any one project, jointly in a matrix with the Head of Comptence Unit that the staff report to. 
  • Line management of any staff employed in the Enterprise Solution Centre, who work on solutions that the BSM is responsible for.
4.4 Cooperation
  • The BSM will need to interface with business development and work jointly to qualify leads, write proposals, maintain and extend client relationships, create and develop solutions and solve issues in engagements that have been escalated. 
  • The BSM will need to interface with Competence Center managers on staffing requests and provide them with feedback for use in assessments of project members and to inform appraisals. 
5. Competences and Responsibilities
  • Following a probationary period, the BSM will become an authorized representative of Zuhlke UK and can authorise proposals and contracts, subject to the sign off limits determined in the Zuhlke UK signatory rules. 
  • The BSM is a member of the management team of the Zuhlke Group and entitled to receive performance data of both Zuhlke UK and the Zuhlke Group. 
  • The BSM can review the financial performance of any of their engagements.
  • The BSM selects and if necessary can elect to replace Competence Centre staff who work on engagements that they manage.
6. Success Criteria
  • High degree of customer satisfaction achieved in their engagements.
  • Ensuring that their engagements create value for our clients.
  • Contributing to achieving appropriate utilisation of Competence Centre Staff. 
  • Ensuring our staff are happy in the engagements they manage. 
  • Ensure that budgets, quality levels and schedules are met as agreed with the client. 
  • In partnership with the business development function, ensuring engagements deliver the gross profit margin required by Zuhlke.
  • Ensuring that the annual revenue of their engagements meets the targets. 
  • Development of new solutions or solution components as agreed with the Director Customer Solutions. 
7. Requirements

7.1 Education
  • Degree in a relevant subject (computing or engineering) or equivalent. 
  • Additional education in general management, service management or project management a bonus.
7.2 Experience
  • Experience in managing Agile software development projects required. Technical experience to at least Senior Developer level required, and experience as a Technical Architect desirable. Experience as a manager with P&L responsibility in an IT function, ideally in the service sector advantageous, but not necessary. Experience in consultative sales a bonus. 
7.3 Languages
  • Fluency and high degree of literacy in English paramount. Working knowledge of German is an advantage, but not required.
7.4 Professional and Personal Competencies

7.4.1 Professional Competencies (Technology, Methodology, Domain know-how, Business/Economics)
  • Excellent knowledge in applying modern software development processes, such as XP, Scrum, Lean and Kanban are paramount. 
  • Experience in estimating effort, duration and cost for software solutions and projects. 
  • Experience in risk assessment and management.
  • Experience with making sales to complex organisations desirable. 
  • Experience in product management and Life Cycle Management of products a bonus.
7.4.2 Personal Competencies 
  • Highly motivated and engaged in their daily work. 
  • Strong team worker. Considers team success more important than personal success.
  • Driven to learn and improve.
  • Has the endurance required to attain long-term goals without burning out.
7.4.3 Leadership Competencies
  • A natural leader. Can enthuse colleagues and win, excite and mobilise clients. Can lead across organisational boundaries. 
  • Can work with colleagues to define and implement visions for the successful collaboration with Zuhlke. 
  • Can define the strategy for the creation of and market entry for a new solution and implement it successfully. 
  • Likes sharing their knowledge amongst colleagues at every level.
7.4.4 Performance Compentencies 
  • Strong client orientation – Focuses their activity on client value and success.
  • Strong goal orientation – Identifies relevant goals and sees that they are attained.
  • Strong communicator both written and verbal – in discussions and sales negotiations with clients.
  • Business acumen – Understands economic drivers and interdependencies within domains and also in particular client situations.

And Why Zühlke?

✅ Culture of collaboration and teamwork
✅ Variety of impactful and challenging projects
✅ Professional training and development benefits
✅ Strong ethics with a focus on sustainability & inclusion
✅ Sensible work-life balance
✅ Freedom to take over responsibility

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