Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology in Financial Services

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Innovation Talks @ Zuhlke

Following Singapore’s government launch of the Singapore Blockchain Innovation Programme (SBIP) with $8.9 million in funding as a nationwide move towards digitisation to cement its financial hub status, it is expected to push forward multiple blockchain-related projects in various sectors within the next few years.

10 years after the launch of Bitcoin, the world still has many questions about the underlying technology that makes digital assets possible: distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain. Originally introduced as a more efficient and accurate means of recording transactions, how has the DLT market evolve till today, and what are the key market trends and recent developments by key players?

Technology drives much of the narrative and conversation around DLT and blockchain, what are the potential innovative applications and opportunities to build the next generation business models and attractive value propositions in financial services?

Join industry experts from R3, Sygnum, and Temasek at our Innovation Talks @Zuhlke webinar series to discuss key insights out of the DLT market. This webinar is intended to provide business leaders in the financial sector with a perspective on the evolving DLT market and discuss how they can rethink business models and strategies, work with ecosystem partners, and leverage on DLT solutions to better serve their customers’ needs.

  • State of the DLT market in Asia and expert insights on key trends and developments
  • Technologies, solutions, and experience of building DLT solutions driving recent developments
  • Use cases of DLT solutions within financial services, e.g. hedge funds and new product offerings, central bank digital currencies, arbitrage trading, ETF efficiency, etc.

Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology in Financial Services

Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology in Financial Services Speakers

Featuring Speakers

  • Roland Schwinn, Managing Director, Head of Business Development at Sygnum — world's first digital asset bank
  • Kunaal Patel, Business Development at R3 — world's largest blockchain ecosystem with over 350 institutions
  • Kevin Lim, Associate Director – Blockchain at Temasek
Anja Baer

Anja Baer

Business Development & Solution Manager
Contact person for Singapore

Anja Baer oversees the banking business at Zühlke in her role as a Business Development & Solution Manager. She has extensive experience in managing large transformation projects. Prior to joining Zühlke, Anja has worked in the banking sector, in both Asia and Europe, and also founded a company following her passion for innovation in finance and technology. Anja holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Management.

Julie Pourtois Zühlke

Julie Pourtois

Director Business Development
Contact person for Hong Kong

Julie Pourtois joined Zuhlke in 2020, heading the Business Development team in Hong Kong. Bringing with her over 15 years of experience in the tech industry, Julie oversees Zuhlke’s market positioning and customer portfolio across regional markets and industries in Asia. Julie strives to positively impact and uplift organisations, teams, and the larger communities she engages actively with.