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Application modernization with Azure

Many organisations use a patchwork of outdated and therefore limiting software to run their core business processes – a risky and costly practice that puts them at a competitive disadvantage.
application modernisation cloud

 We can help you avoid that trap and any potential security issues. To maximise your growth potential, we will modernise your digital legacy applications. We will analyse your digital landscape, conduct technical assessments, and then refactor your old system or redesign your new systems and software architectures. 

As a Microsoft Gold Partner (Cloud Platform), Zühlke helps you to choose the best approach aligned with your organisation’s growth requirements. From consulting to migration to management, we cover all aspects of your journey into the cloud, ensure a smooth transition and, of course, help you reduce costs and leverage the opportunities presented by the cloud.

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Microsoft Gold Partner


To help you build the best cloud solution, we combine our expertise in cloud projects with recommended guidelines such as Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework and tailor it to your needs. From this, we then derive a strategy to get you ready for the cloud and prepare the migration of your application to Azure.

Application modernisation


The Azure cloud offers a comprehensive list of platform services that can significantly accelerate a migration and make operations more cost-efficient.

We assess your workload to be migrated, check the possible uses of PaaS and serverless architectures for you, and put together a suitable migration plan. To this end, we build on what you have, foster reuse, and integrate your existing and future products.

Application modernisation


We transform your application into a scalable and production-ready cloud application and store your data where it best serves its purpose. We help you evolve towards agile DevOps processes by integrating existing capabilities and new tools into reliable deployment pipelines.

Security and data protection are our top priorities throughout the whole process and are taken into account during each step of the migration.

Application modernisation


A successful migration to the cloud opens up new possibilities, such as the ability to process and analyse data with the help of modern AI and data services. We help you further leverage such opportunities and ensure that the solution is efficiently operated in the cloud.

Application modernisation
Head of DevOps Regina Dietiker
Contact person for Switzerland

Regina Dietiker

Head of DevOps

Regina Dietiker is a partner at Zühlke and responsible for the DevOps Practice at Zühlke Switzerland.
Creating and maintaining successful customer products and modernising applications is her passion. 

Zühlke Stefan Novoszel
Contact person for Austria

Stefan Novoszel

Senior Business Solution Manager

Stefan Novoszel joined Zühlke in September 2018. After graduating as DI (FH), Stefan gained in depth experience regarding the digitalisation of customer channels. He worked in the insurance-, banking and telecom sectors. His passion lies in the creation of digital value chains with which companies can inspire both their customers and their own employees.

Kevin Murray
Contact person for United Kingdom

Kevin Murray

Director Solution Center
Andreas Karsten
Contact person for Germany

Andreas Karsten

Business Solution Manager

Andreas Karsten loves working with customers and partners on innovative and transformational international IT Projects. As an Engagement-Manager, he has a long experience in supporting many German MDAX and DAX accounts across all industries, including Public-Sector.

Zühlke Luca Cacchiani
Contact person for Hong Kong

Luca Cacchiani

Business Solution Manager

Luca has extensive experience in IT for over 13 years, holding both technical and management positions in large consulting organisations in both London and Hong Kong, focusing on highly technical solutions for the financial, utility, transport and logistics industry. Luca led large digital transformation projects that brought significant impact in company revenue and product revitalisation, reducing production costs across different areas. He studied Computer Science and holds a Master's degree in Informatics Systems and an MBA in Finance from LBS.